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7 days ago

We did the 30km walk along the Ghost lakes/ Devils gap which is worth the difficult drive in across the Ghost river bed a road loop north to the berm in the middle and onto the washout river bed. I think most people will want find the parking area and walk across the river. Awesome and enjoyable walk.

Best effort vs value

Did a 3 day backpack here last year and it was amazing. Probably the best multi day I’ve done thus far. Very tough. Very rewarding.

It’s safe to say that all lakes in Banff/Yoho have mountains associated with them. But the mountains that surround Lake O’Hara take it to a whole new level. The lake is surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains on three sides. Even better, these three mountains have a trail that is continuous across all of them. This alpine circuit for hikers is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s well marked and above the treeline, so the views are exceptional. Above all, because only a handful of people can reserve either lodging or camping, it can feel like you are the only people there with the circuit all to yourself. Difficult to get to because of restricted access but well worth the effort of calling 3 months in advance so you can be one of the few with accommodations and thus access to this hiking playground.

This place is sooooo crowded, and it's not a hike. I'm usually doing 20 miles a day, so this is a joke. ... Still, I have to admit this might be the single most beautiful thing I've seen in Banff. Don't skip that for anything else, trust me!

1 month ago

Beautiful lake, well worth the effort. 99% of trail is in the trees. But the destination is more then worth it

beautiful definitely worth the trek up... just keeping going and be patient and anyone can make it.

Beautiful view point. We wanted to see how far we could get to summit but with only crampons and no snow shoes we didn't make it very far as we frequently sunk to our waist's into the snow when trying to venture onto the path that the cross country skiers took. The walking trails did not extend very far up the mountain.

It is difficult to find out the road to the lake due to limited sign. Recommended consult ppl before hiking, definitely worth for it. 5 stars

Didn't quite do this trail, ended up taking North Molar pass east to Fish Lakes. Leads you up higher over the pass and down the other side. Still an excellent out-and-back trip (camping @ Fish Lakes is very nice).

We started from the paradise creek parking lot then went to giants steps and over sentinel pass. It is very difficult but well worth it.

4 months ago

I’ve hiked to this lake starting from the trailhead. It’s long, but varied with wonderful views. There is an alternate exit that leads to a rockwall and chimney, to a couple of stunning lakes that you can see in the distance when you hike in on the main trail. Definitely will be hiking this again.


A short stroll to a spectacular view, not to miss if you travel along the Icefield Parkway!
Peyto Lake (pea-toe) is a glacier-fed lake located in Banff National Park. The lake was named for Bill Peyto, an early trail guide and trapper in the Banff area. The lake is formed in a valley of the Waputik Range, between Caldron Peak, Peyto Peak and Mount Jimmy Simpson, at an elevation of 1,860 m (6,100 ft). During the summer, significant amounts of glacial rock flour flow into the lake, and these suspended rock particles give the lake a bright, turquoise color. The lake is best seen from Bow Summit, the highest point on the Icefield Parkway.

7 months ago

This trail was amazing! It is pretty "boring" for quite a while at first but do not give up. Once you get to the large opening, the views of all of the larch trees are amazing. And you can actually see further than 100 yards haha.

Definitely definitely make a left at the fork and take the sunshine trail loop back around to the Healy pass trail. It adds maybe 1.5 miles but there are large valleys with creeks and larch trees. This was my favorite part. Also there are some small ponds. it will take you along the British Columbia border which has a great view. Overall it was great! I think it took us 6.5 hours with taking the small sunshine loop detour.

Really nice hike and views

7 months ago

loved it! larch trees were amazing.

trail running
8 months ago

Ran 2 miles out 2 miles back on this trail. Very nice, great views. Would love to do much more.

Incredible view. Short walk on paved road. Lots of people it worth it.

8 months ago

Went on Aug 12. Great hike with a dog, and the lake was absolutely stunning.

8 months ago

This was my first backpacking experience and I would definitely say it was an awesome to start with. I would not have rated it as 'hard' as many sites consider it to be a beginner hike. It took us 4 hours from the gondola (Pro-tip : take the gondola to sunshine village and hike from there). Don't waste energy by carrying tons of water, buy the chlorine pellets and fill up from the river.

This is a great short track to an amazing view point. Go early to avoid the crowds.

The hike is stunning with beautiful views despite a rain-filled second day that led us to hike from Baker Lake towards Skoki Lodge and then back to the parking lot all in one day. The only downside is that we lost our GPS Rhino radio along the trail somewhere between Deception Pass and the Fish Creek parking lot. If anyone finds it please comment as we'd really like it back. Many thanks in advance!

Beautiful outcome at the end of the trail. However, the trail is filled with lots of large roots and a very steep desent to the lake.

short hike, difficult to find the place but finally got there... that was so beautiful that I couldn't leave!!

8 months ago

Did the first half of the trail in April to the base of the Aylmer Pass trail. Loved the scenery - saw lots of deer and goats (and no bears!). Will definitely be coming back to do it again in September!

Beautiful route with steep mountain passes, pretty alpine meadows, glaciers & crystal clear lakes. We hiked the loop over two days in a clockwise direction, camping overnight at Merlin Meadows; 16km on day one, 21km on day two. Would definitely recommend!

Beautiful trail view panoramic views of Peyto Lake and the Glacier

Super easy "hike" to spectacular lookout. Keep going up to get away from the crazy crowds. Depending on the trail you take, you could travel through a nice little meadow. At the top you can look out onto Bow Lake. The entire hike is easy. Nice clean trails.

Path not clearly marked but you figure it out along the way, just head up! Very short and easy, nice view with less tourists! Maybe 45 min round

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