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Sentinel is not reachable. We hiked through several feet of snow for 90 minutes before turning back. Still can reach Larch Valley and the views are quite nice.

15 hours ago

Although there is still ice on Lake Agnes the views from the Tea House are quite nice. Highly recommend continuing on to the Little Beehive hike.

Amazing hike! Some really steep elevation gains near the beginning. As you go up you can see glimpses of Lake Louise, which is stunning! There was quite a bit of snow at Mirror Lake, but it was absolutely beautiful! We didn’t make it to the top to see Lake Agnes but would definitely come back and do it again!

Good hike! The first and second falls are beautiful. Make sure you explore the “hidden” cave right before the second falls, incredibly beautiful! The Inkpots were a little bit underwhelming, but the entire hike was beautiful! Make sure you arrive early to find a place to park!!!

Easy hike with steps, support railing, often paved. Trail gets boring after the upper falls. Get to the parking lot before the buses arrive! Ink pots are interesting if you can see the swirling areas but may not be worth the effort since there are better hikes around.

23 hours ago

We started out planning on going to the falls, but then decided to push further to see these Ink Pots. The views were nothing special along the way, and it was a fairly strenuous hike. While the Ink Pots were pretty, it was the only view after the falls that was worth seeing, and not worth the additional hours of walking. Ever since, my wife always jokes about something as being an "Ink Pot" if it is a lot of work with little pay off...

beautiful view to the ink pots, the trail was very wet and still a bit icey and the lower and upper falls were very busy. over all worth the view and fresh air.

Going out to goat Creek today? anything I should know before hand?

busy trail up to the upper falls (about half way through). after upper falls, it was a pretty boring 2 miles in the trail until you reach the inkpots. the inkpots are unique and set in the middle of a gorgeous expansive valley.

1 day ago

So rewarding

Great view at the top! Lots of switchbacks

You should defenetly start out early as it gets very busy during the day. Great and rewarding hike.

Excellent hike with waterfalls, mountain views and the ink pots. Trail is already in good shape. Get out early to stay ahead of the crowds. They thin out after the upper falls.

2 days ago

Still covered with a bit of ice, the lake was still beautiful.

2 days ago

Head out early or later on a hot sunny day, mid day on the trail it’s hot, little shade. The little river is nice to catch a cool breeze, but it disappears for a stretch. Nice bike trail! Ends at the Bridge over the river and there is camping for over night hikers.

trail running
3 days ago

Awesome, relatively easy trail! Like many have said, the first majority is paved, but there are some gorgeous views of the river and the mountain range. Once you hit the end of pavement, definitely worth it. Some beautiful moments along the trail, and it’s not terribly difficult.

early walk in the morning with friends so great, love the nature so much!

Did this hike today in late may and it was good. Very popular and busy. Quite easy. Views from the top were good and you could see all of Banff. The gondola and restaurants up top took away from the experience of hiking it and make it feel like a very touristy spot. But it’s a good quick heart racing hike if you want to ease yourself into harder trails.

Nice hike, dry and well-marked. Too busy at the summit but it's worth it. 3 hours return.

Steep, but rewarding. Snow free all the way to the top, and almost no mud. Took us about 1.5 hours up, a little less down (my hiking partner was a bit uncomfortable on the downhills; realistically it's 40-60 minutes down). Come early! The parking lot was almost empty when we hit the trail at 10, and PACKED when we left at 1:30.

Great views of Minnewanka for majority of the hike - it's at lot of kms but not technically hard. We did it in about 7 hours with a long break.. trail was in good condition, had to "move" the big horn sheep off the trail with loud noises.. no berrys or signs of bears yet....

Completed May 21, 2018. Easy half day hike. No scrambling. Dog friendly. Plan to have lunch at the top, the rocks and old foundation wall make for a great seat while eating and enjoying the views at the lookout. We were 1.5 hrs up and down in about 40 mins.

Excellent hike, good trails, dry, well marked, Ink Pools very rewarding, lots of opportunities to get great pics.
16 kms round trip.

Fairly easy trail and worth the effort for the view at the end

6 days ago

Went there yesterday on May Long and overall a nice trail with gradual climb at the beginning, but still quite muddy and about half way in there began to have a good amount of snow. People walked out a slightly hard packed snow path but it is easy to step an inch or two off the path and get yourself into some knee deep snow so be prepared to bring extra socks because they will likely get wet on your way in & out.

May 18, 2018, after lake agnes tea house trail is covered under the snow. And lake louise, mirror lake and agnes lake are still covered in ice. Maybe it would be better to go there couple weeks later

6 days ago

May 18, 2018 mud and snow with a little dry spots. I would recommend to get some grip-ons, just to make it safer. However, my friends were in skateboard sneakers and they have completed the trail.

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