nature trips

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Amazing trail, enjoyed every bit of it! The trail gets very challenging after the first 3 kms, tredwell, specially in wet weather.

Beautiful views of nature's work! Well designed and maintained lookout points.

A very challenging trail!

Well designed viewing points, the trail gets a bit tricky at area with loose stones.

The layered sandstone cliffs with green bush and the beautiful waves make it a magnificent site!

An amazing river trail, lovely view of the flowing river.

Beautiful view of the gorge and the river

A short paved walk from the car park to the lookout. Fantastic views!

Rated as moderate, however some sections hard. I think it would be about 3km of soft sand at the end of the track followed by a steep rocky climb to the top. Worth every step, the scenery & geology was amazing. Bird life good too, saw black swans, pelicans, rainbow bee-eaters, grebes & little robins. Start the walk at first light as it gets very hot. A great walk