this trail is great fun, really enjoyed the cable assist rock scramble and the views are spectacular.

24 days ago

Stunning views from the Rim and beautiful geology along the river

my favourite place

Friendly nature walk..

1 month ago

Stunning views and fun rock scrambling. My favourite trail.

Scenery was lovely during the whole walk. Was a great challenge and had different terrain kept it interest. Will definitely do it again :)

Great hike- just hard to find your way on some parts!

Very pleasant trail with lots of visual interest. Moderately challenging.

Nice challenging hike with great views and rock scrambling. Signage is great in some areas and in others felt like the blind leading the blind. Reminded me how important it is to be able to read a map and know your bearings.

Beautiful hike. Highly recommended!

Such a beautiful place one you shouldn't miss.

2 months ago

First bit to eastern lookout is a little hilly and boring, but there is some wildlife about. After that the scenery is great.

Very enjoyable day however I should have picked something a little less challenging for my first hike.

95% of the hike is very well marked however the last climb back up to the car park is a little hit and miss if your concentration wanders at the wrong time.

A great overall hike and will definaterly do it again.

love this place.

2 months ago

Absolutely loved this hike - so many beaut scenes along the way!

Really lovely walk with proper scrambly bits and rock face to climb across. Even in the rain is lovely, although the downhill sections do turn into little waterways and get quite slippery if it does happen to rain on you.

Amazing! Not that kid friendly

4 months ago

Great track, took about 2 hours (moderate to fast walking) for the full circuit. Parked at the bottom car park and walked in an anti clockwise direction which meant the hard uphill part was done first

Fantastic trek. Great prep for Kokoda in a couple of months!

Nice and easy hike. Close to the city.

Really loved what we did of the track quite challenged by the 1st hill but we made it up and back. Miss 10 struggled a bit but Mr 15 and Miss 16 were fine. Definitely do it again

5 months ago


Some steep climbs but the scenery was mind blowing

Lots of fun and nice views


Loved it was suitable for the kids 16, 2 x 15, 13 and 10.

Great scenery lovely country side path has a degree of difficulty as in easy to get off track in parts and the rock climbing part was unexpected.

Will definitely be back with and without the kids

7 months ago

Good walk but got very lost, not well posted at all. Done good hills, but I’m still not sure I did this complete circuit. I’ll back and try another time.

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