Did this as my first real hike today, some pretty steep challenging bits and some signage missing aswell, lucky I had the app but would recommend a map. Overall a tiring but satisfying hike.

trail running
10 days ago

Fun trail in thick forest with some sneaky single tracks off the beaten path. I missed some of them so make sure you study the map beforehand.

Saw many cockatoos, zero wombats although I am sure they were there and no snakes, which could be a bad thing.

I clocked this trail at 14km if you take the longer way back to the carpark.

Great hike but rather challenging in parts. Feels very rewarding to finish. Was longer than 12km though, more like 15km. Will definitely be back!

So pretty and heaps to see. A good challenge for someone of average fitness. There are heaps of intersecting trails so it’s easy to get off track but that also gives loads of options, keep an eye on your GPS! Some of the trails were quite narrow and muddy and others wide and easy to navigate. Some sign posts have gone missing along the way. Overall amazing! Beautiful spot.

Challenging but rewarding hike. Inexperienced or unfit hikers may find it challenging as you are up and down hills the entire way, with steep inclines at the start and end pushing the legs. Having said that, very happy we did it and would definitely recommend to anyone wanting a challenge

It’s actually a pretty difficult hike if you’re not fit. Really beautiful though

trail running
3 months ago