great hike.not hard not easy. had a great time.

trail running
2 months ago

Great track with varied terrain and loads of wildlife. Kangaroos, swamp wallabies, an echidna and an array of bird life. Nice place to hike bike or trail run, there's a variety of trails that cross over each other so you can choose to complete a longer or shorter walk- the app was actually great here as I'm sure I would have turned down a wrong track at some point without it. Once you're away from the main picnic area it's really quiet. I've marked it down a star because there's a solid 5 kms of the walk that's a bit sparse- you're walking through a eucalyptus plantation so there's no undergrowth, just perfectly semetrical lines of gums. Not a particularly bad thing, I guess I just missed the ferns :) Overall I would still highly reccomend.

Beautiful park - fab for bbqs and you can spot a few kangaroos hoping around too!