Photos of Cradle Mountain-Lake Saint Clair National Park Bird Watching Trails

So if you love mountain Alpine hiking, this is the area for you in Tasmania. If you don’t have the time and/or did not get the booking for the Overland track, this is the day hike for you. My husband, six and eight-year-old daughters, and I completed this yesterday October 10, 2019. The weather was in the low 50s and rainy. We began at 11:30 and ended our hike at 4:45. Keep in mind, the last bus from Dove Cove leaves at 5:30, which is a real drag, haha. We did the hike the opposite way and modified the very beginning, that is go up to Marian Piont and then continue on to the hut. at the base of the Cradle summit. The only downside of doing it backwards is that we didn’t know if we’d have enough time to go out to Cradle summit and therefore did not. This hike has so much to offer – mountain views, moon like terrain, lake trails, rainforest trails, fun tricky ascents and descents with handrail chains,..... an awesome hike and the right hike. By the way, we saw no one on the backside of cradle mountain – we had it all to ourselves! Go for it!!!! Note: The visitor center had no idea what trail we were talking about when we brought up this hike. They seem to be only knowledgeable in the very short, easy hikes. Do your research ahead of time. In the three interactions we had with the park, they talked about bodies, death, and other words to invoke fear. I literally had to fight my husband to do this hike, and we both were so happy with the choice. Use your brain and be cautious, but this was a user-friendly hike clearly marked and clearly maintained. There are a few scrambles and you have to be careful with the weather, but it is a Half a day to a short day hike. Have fun!

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