19 days ago

More interesting than I expected. Captured the rock at dusk with the sun on it is amazing. Going back for another hike two days later!

1 month ago

Nice easy intro to walking for kids. Much of the vegetation is lantana or other weeds; if this was cleaned up it'd be a really nice stroll.

Facilities at the start are drop despite being within a few hundred metres of residential estates.

We saw lots of people on other trails so it clearly has a local attraction with a wide variety of trails.

Nice hike.. Lovely rock formations to see on the way. A bit of rock hopping is required. Make sure you have the right shoes on. You pretty much go all the way to the top of white rock then you can either retrace your steps back or descend and then take the multi user trail back to the car park

3 months ago

Friday, May 26, 2017