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Cox river is

Will do it again
Excellent walk

Très jolie balade en partant de « Echo Point », rencontre de plusieurs cacatoès à huppe jaune mais c’est loin d’être une randonnée « Easy » jusqu’à la cascade.

La balade est d’une durée d’au moins 2 heures minimum avec un climat tropical.

Great walk. Can be challenging under foot. Lots of narrow stairs

Great mix of maintained tracks and some slightly overgrown, includes a bit of everything... steep descents and climbs as well as river crossings.
Lots of wildlife and flowers out in November too.

Really enjoyed this walk, take plenty of water and be prepared for a whole heap of stairs! The views are well worth it!

Absolutely loved this Track

The hardest part is when you going back and run out of water

Fantastic, just has a few areas affected from the heavy storms.

The most gorgeous trail I have ever walked. The stone steps are steep at points both descending and ascending. I highly recommend ankle high sturdy hiking boots, even though this trail is technically all stone and steps. I highly recommend this trail to anyone who has a moderate to good fitness. Go as slow as you need, it is well worth it. The end is the hardest with the steep ascent.

An amazing walk, there is one broken sign where it's not entirely clear to climb the stairs to continue the loop otherwise very easy to follow. Steps, low hanging rock cliffs - amazing views!

Wonderful walk
We started in Leura and finished off getting the train back from Katoomba

Great walk offering scenic views and varied landscapes including the mountains, bush inland and canyon rock formations in the rainforest. Should plan for 4-5 h to do the hike at a comfortable pace including breaks for photos and lunch. Would definitely recommend this hike for a day trip activity in the Blue Mountains.

my legs are so sore!

Solid trail, with some nice swimming pools and waterfalls. Gets your heart rate up on the incline to Falconbridge! Cool waterfalls!

my favourite

Fabulous walk, a short hike to see Waratahs and nature at its best

great walk with nice views

stunning walk ... I just wondering how can you give 1pt or 3 pt for this beautiful track ... only minus could be because you can meet a lot of pople nearby Echo Pt ... guys wake up! I prefer more hidden tracks in Blue Mts like Blackheath area but this one is perfect for first time to fall in love with this stunning mountains!! So many lookouts nice forest rock formations!! Must to do for everyone!!

classic track!!!

Leave your car at the top of Glenraphel drive and walk down the dirt road (approx 2ks to the Golden Stairs). The dirt road is fine if you have a 4wd, but if you have a car, it's probably better to leave it as the road is not that well maintained.

The walk itself is worth it. The views from the top of the ruined castle (big rock formation) is awesome. apart from the Golden Stairs, the walk is easy. But going down and up the GS is tough going (only 800m, but very steep).

1hr 40m each way.

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever walked!

Track was hard to find at times. There are some painted arrows which help. If in doubt, check the path doesn't continue on the other side of the creeks.

4 months ago

A great hike that should be stretched over to 2 days, if not 3. The mountain climb is challenging yet rewarding. We camped by the river after descending from the mountain which was peaceful and beautiful. Don’t under estimate the second half of the walk though! There are multiple steep hills to hike up and the second day is as physically demanding as the first!

Trail itself is nothing special, but great views

Great track, when you reach the bottom of the waterfall take a good rest as you'll be climbing stairs all the way and past the top!

decent trail for beginners.some parts can be soggy & muddy,hence slippery. steep steps at places so needs good concentration.

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