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The mini-trek on the glacier is fabulous. Then views from the boardwalk give another perspective. I’ve been to glaciers in Alaska and Canada and nothing compares to this place!

2 days ago

Great hike. Do this one on a sunny day.

A los 2 y medio kilómetros del sendero a Laguna Torre, se encuentra el mirador.
permite si el clima acompaña tener una vista maravillosa de varios cerros, y sus glaciares. Se destaca, el Torre, los cerros Adela, el Solo y las cimas del Fitz Roy y Poincenot.
Hay asientos de troncos para descansar.

4 days ago

Los primeros 3 km son lo más exigentes del sendero. Luego es bastante plano.
A los 2 y medio km se encuentra el mirador del Torre con una vista magnífica de los cerros.
Luego se camina por diferentes lugares a la vera del río, bosques, caminos pedregosos.
Al llegar a la laguna con sus témpanos, se obtiene una vista maravillosa del cerro Torre, los Adelas y otros cerros más.

Pese a que nos tocó un día con llovizna y muy ventoso, pudimos disfrutar de este paseo.
Ni bien se cruza el puente de ingreso al pueblo, hay un cartel que indica el inicio de los senderos.
En un principio se hace una subida suave por momentos moderada.
Luego el camino se bifurca,
Un trayecto más corto y empinado lleva al Mirador de los cóndores, con una hermosa vista del pueblo y de las montañas circundantes. Y realmente hemos visto cóndores revoloteando.
El otro sendero más largo y plano nos permite una gran vista del lago Viedma.

Amazing hike. Ascent all the way up; especially challenging at the end. High winds and rain made the steep (45-50 degree climb for a while) ascent through rocks and peaking after a sheet of snow (which is doable by the way!). The views are well worth it and the way down is easy and even runnable at parts—just watch out for tree roots on the path.

Absolutely spectacular trail- it’s very challenging climb to the top but worth all the effort.
It’s very rocky so hiking boots are highly recommended.

Easy warmup hike with a bit of uphill. The view from Mirador De Las Aguilas is stunning. If you go a bit higher you’ll get a nice 360 view. Worth the extra time and effort.

16 days ago

Moderate trail to glacier. Busy. Nice views of lake and glacier. Mountains were mostly cloud covered. When cleared they were magnificent.

Started in El Pilar (recommend, see review) but Alltrails Marked this complete.

This is a better trek than the out and back. The incline is less and one does not see the same thing (not that one gets bored with the views).

I got a bus ticket for $10 at the El Chaltén station the night before. I was picked up at my Hotel. 30 min ride.

Bring proper attire, Once I ran out I filled my water bottle from the running streams. One can taste the turquoise!

19 days ago

Pouring Rain.
That means have the correct clothing (unlike some I passed).
Very windy, cold, a perfect hiking day.
I was surprised how many people were out there.

Dedicated trail workers / volunteers tending the trail.

Muchas gracias!

Do the future a favor and stay on the marked trail. Do not digress to the side trails. Especially on the El Chalten side.

I recommend taking the red trail. It contains the lowest and closest views (as seen on my recording, not sure why it lapses). One gets a great perspective.

Amazing views, beautiful landscapes. As most mentioned before, the final 1km is difficult. The trail will gain about 400m in altitude during this last part.

Went while it was raining and it was just amazing.

We went from the hotel side which has less uphill in the start. Which youre gonna need. This way you also see the piedras blancas glacier. It also caves. Its pretty cool. The last mile to the lago de los tres is insane. You hike an exceptionally rocky trail at a 45°-75° angle up up and up. It was a gorgeous clear day but sadly the laguna was stull frozen and covered in snow. We went on nov 6th. The lago on the other side of the crest was beautiful deep blue but it is not accessable.

This trail is the same as the fitz roy trail except that you dont double back. We took a remis to the hotel where you start. It is a relatively flat trail until you join the other fitz roy trail. Unlike the fitz roy trail which has more uphill from the start, this trail def has uphil, but not as much. You walk through a beautiful forest then get to the dreaded uphill rock climb off shoot. This is where the trail joins. You climb over very very rocky ground at a 45°-75° incline for about a mile. It is no joke. We were there on a soectacular clear day. The lagoon at the base was sadly still frozen and covered in snow the “extra” lake over the crest to the right wasnt and was a clear bright blue. But not the turquoise the base suposedly is. :( we walked back the el chalten way to our hotel. Amazing hike. Was about 13 miles.

1 month ago

exciting view

easy and nice view

2 months ago

Caminhada perfeita passando por um lindo vale terminado em um lago na base da cadeia de Montanhas com destaque ao pico "cerro torre". Grande variedade de paisagens e tipo de trilhas! A área da laguna é sulreal...

This is the most beautiful hike we did. Took the bus from El Chalten to El Pilar and started our day from there. The weather was beautiful and we had a blast. Our independent recordings of the trail showed a longer distance (15.3 miles), but it is true that once we got up, we continued the exploration around the laguna. I was very tired and I had to take some Ibuprofen to help with my feet pain (I have a severe plantar fasciatis). Wonderful hike!!!!

We got a clear day, amazing hike. Gets crowded if done in mid day but just amazing

3 months ago

Just amazing.

Nice view of the mountains and the city!

Gotta get lucky and catch it on a clear day. If not Fitz is blocked by the clouds!

A really great day hike with awesome views. You can begin/end the hike at either El Chalten or the El Pilar Hostel. We started at the Hostel El Pilar and finished the hike in El Chalten. We took a taxi to the Hostel in the morning before we began hiking. Here is a full description of our hike with photos and maps: https://backpackersreview.wordpress.com/trip-reports/los-glaciares-national-park/

4 months ago

Beautiful lake with a lookout for fitz roy.

Must Do .. Walking round and gaining a view of the Moreno Glacier is a great experience and the trail is very well laid out .. However, if you make the trip all the way down, highly recommend to complete the trek onto the glacier .. an amazing life experience.


Amazing. We did that trail with my kids (12 and 4 years old). Was hard but wonderful experience.

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