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on Huemul Circuit

1 day ago

View on one of biggest glaciers at second day.
Amazing camp at third day, with icebergs on lake.

Casual hike to a lovely, large waterfall. Only downside is that the trail intertwined with the main road.

3 days ago

I personally don’t think it was worth the 1+hr drive on a gravel road and 300 pesos for the view. It’s okay at best. I went with some mates who had a car. If it’s rainy, be prepared for washed out roads.

Great trail with a challenging last climb that is well worth the effort. Beautiful wooded areas, lakes, spectacular views of the mountains.

Full day hike. Be prepared for hurricane force winds at the laguna and at the base prior to going up. Several people were blown into rocks, it’s no joke. Please wear proper trekking shoes, there was way too any tourists in short shorts and nikes.

Once you’re at the laguna, you’ll get pelted by pebbles and the water from the laguna. So, eye protection is ideal. There’s also one huge rock at the center of the laguna, use that for protection.

Nice, easy trail that leads to a nice view, though you can see this view for most of the hike.

This trail was amazing. Majestic view at the end of the hike of the lake and the peaks. We skipped the first couple of hard uphill kilometres by driving to Hostería El Pilar and starting the hike from there.

Best views of my LIFE!! Just WOW! I recommend you do this hike on a sunny day otherwise it’s really not worth all the efforts.

So I would say that the first 1.5 km are pretty steep but don’t worry it gets really easy after! Really smooth, you can take a really good pace. Drink glacier water whenever you see water! There’s so many view points of the Fitz Roy (again if you go on a sunny day). The last stretch (about 1h) is intense. It’s very very steep and rocky. You always have to stop because there’s people going down and people that wants to go faster than you. Just a good reason to take a break and admire the many views. Don’t get discouraged because you probably will when you see the people far up the hill. They look tiny tiny! Eventually you’ll get to the summit and oh my! The views are insanely beautiful. Blue lagoon and Fitz Roy behind. That makes a good picture to make people jealous! Enjoy!

1 month ago

Poco viento

1 month ago

Beautiful view of the river, lake, peaks and the glaciers.

Excellent choice for a shorter hike. We had about 3 hrs. and this was a wonderful way to close out our trip. Empanadas from the bakery in town made a nice picnic lunch by the lake.

Was staying at Los Huemules so spotted a car down at the trailhead in El Chalten then started in at El Pilar. Pretty flat trek into Poincenot and Blanco with the steep ascent starting after the camp. I think we did +3200' elevation gain so that was a decent hike! Nice weather at Laguna, took pix, went over to view Lago Sucia too, quite spectacular! On way out took in Mirador Fitz Roy which was okay. A cool hike for sure, bring your wind and rain gear and dress warm. Enjoy!

1 month ago

Possibly the best trail in the park - a little bit easier than Lago de los Tres (even though the elevation gain is greater, it is a more consistent gradual rise) with a fantastic 360 degree view at the very top. I think Lago de los Tres and this trek are must do - Laguna Torre can be skipped. If you can only do one, do Lago de los Tres. Stream was barely running so you may want to bring enough water for the entire trek.

Short trek, GREAT views of Fitz Roy range when clear. Best views per linear foot hiked, for sure! Just do it.

Tomando el camino desde la hostería del Pilar hacia el sendero al Fitz Roy, a medio camino se llega al Mirador del glaciar Piedras Blancas.
Resulta maravillosa la vista de la laguna, y el glaciar quien cada tanto tiene desprendimientos visibles y audibles.

Amazing hike as long as the weather is cooperative. We had perfect weather for two hours starting at El Pilar, but Lago de los Tres was a hellacious climb through heavy snow...in the middle of summer! The lake was barely visible. After descending from the lake, the weather became clear and warm again. Very odd experience, but I guarantee this hike would be amazing if the weather at Lago de los Trea was clear!

I agree that this hike is a 2 or 3 compared to the others in the area, but if the weather is not cooperative, it’s not a bad option. Patagonia hikes are notoriously weather-dependent, and most of this hike is through a valley protected from wind. However, the winds at the lake were some of the strongest I’ve ever experienced...50-60mph. We wired to walk around the lake, but we were literally blown off the trail.

We started by taking a bus to El Pilar. Doing so allows you to view Glacier Piedras Blancas and the primary benefit is that instead of going out and back on the Fitz Roy Trail, you walk on entirely different and less trafficked trail on the way in.

I knew this was going to be a challenging hike, but the last mile is particularly brutal. Unless you are an ultra marathoner it will make your body hurt as you go almost entirely straight up. Of course it’s worth it. How many places on earth can you stare god in the face? And hope to make your Facebook friends jealous? ;)

Hiker’s paradise for a reason. Great workout and amazing views. I mean, what beats Fitz Roy?

We start at “Hosteria del
Pilar”. The path through the forest was really magical. The last part was truly hard but well prepared. I totally recommend this hike. The view from the “lago de los tres” toward Fitz Roy is breathtaking!

Amazing 360-degree views! Is one of the easiest hikes, only steep in short areas. Plan on 2 hours in & out to enjoy both Mirafores & their magnificent views. It will be windy at the top, even in a warm day, so bring layers.

My wife and I went on this trail in mid November on a very sunny day with temperatures around 18C. The trail itself was acceptable, but the winds we encountered were the worst winds we experienced probably exceeding 120Km/h. Climbing on a narrow path at the peek of the trail is a bit dangerous. Once arrived at the lake we had to hide behind rocks to avoid the wind. It was quite hard to take pictures, because of the wind was blowing so hard against the phone we could hardly get a steady shot.

Did this trek yesterday in one day. Absolutely amazing! I have just come from Chilean Patagonia having done the base Torres trek and this one was the highlight so far! Not only was it a gentle hike until the final hour or so, but it was so scenic and beautiful along the way. Provided it’s a good day like we had, you will view Fitzroy and his neighbours most of the way so there are so many opportunities for photo stops! One massive recommendation!! If you are planning on connecting to Laguna Torre, please make sure you do Fitzroy first then connect across — if you did it in reverse it would be a lot harder on the legs, I am very glad we didn’t do it this way!

An amazing trail. Make sure you ask your host for recommendations on the best weather day before you head out. Pick your day carefully. We met some who couldn’t see it at all. The only sad part was the lago at the base of Fitz Roy was still frozen over and covered in snow due to the late winter this year. We were there early nov 2018. The uphill “last” mile to the summit is no joke. The rocks will take their toll on your feet. When I climbed into bed that night I realized my feet were throbbing. This trail total from the hotel to peak and back to the trailhead in elchalten was about 15 miles with about 3k ft gain. When you take this route you get the added benefit of passing the mirador for piedras blancas glaciar. It’s beautiful. I added photos of the trail in, part of the rocky trail up (it gets worse) and of the glaciar.

Amazing. Bucket list trail. We were there early November 2018 and due to the late winter the lago at the base of Fitz Roy was still frozen over and covered in snow

This trail is the same as the fitz roy trail except that you dont double back. We took a remis to the hotel where you start. It is a relatively flat trail until you join the other fitz roy trail. Unlike the fitz roy trail which has more uphill from the start, this trail def has uphil, but not as much. You walk through a beautiful forest then get to the dreaded uphill rock climb off shoot. This is where the trail joins. You climb over very very rocky ground at a 45°-75° incline for about a mile. It is no joke. We were there on a spectacular clear day. The lagoon at the base was sadly still frozen and covered in snow the “extra” lake over the crest to the right wasnt and was a clear bright blue. But not the turquoise the base suposedly is. :( we went nov 6th. we walked back the el chalten way to our hotel. Amazing hike. Was about 13 miles. The other trail out and back is longer.

Best view of my life. Top two for best hikes of my life. It is worth every bead of sweat and labored breath up the steep slope - and then some! I just don’t even have the words to describe the majesty of this view. And don’t stop at the first lake - I know you’re exhausted, but the second lake is worth hiking up that last little hill. Amazing!!

I rate this a 2 in comparison to the other two hikes in the area. The Trail was mostly bland, and the view at the end is pretty cool, but way better if you go to a different angle like on the other hikes. Also the lake is an ugly muddy brown, not brilliant blue like the other lakes. Be sure you don’t stop at the lake but go all the way around it for a better view of the glacier.

2 months ago

Do not miss this!!! This is by far the best view in the area. It literally took our breath away - we just didn’t have enough breath to gasp as long as the view overwhelmed us! Also the hike itself was extremely beautiful for the whole way. However, we got some really powerful wind, especially in the exposed final leg of the trail. The wind was strong enough to hold me up when I leaned into it and I’m 150 pounds! It was a battle to reach the top through the wind, but the wind was warm and it felt more like an adventure than a problem. I would do the hike again in a heartbeat!!

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