Photos of Panama City Hiking Trails

1 month ago

Excellent hike! One of the best that I have done, but you have to plan for it. I would recommend about $140 cash to make this happen, although you can save money if you have a GOOD 4x4. I also highly recommend getting a guide. My guides were Ryan and Mika.

Ryan is a biologist, so when we were walking, he brought my attention to all sorts of exotic plants and wildlife. Mika is new to Kalu Yala but brings her experience from living in Equador on the Amazon River to help students and adventurers explore the habitat.

On the hike, we saw two different breeds of monkeys, poison dart frogs, and countless birds and insects.

At the Kalu Yala camp, I met some of the most thoughtful and interesting people who are like-minded with us outdoor types.

NOTE: Technically, you could do the hike for free with an excellent four-wheel drive, and moderate land navigation skills, but I do recommend the guide.

Recommended Packing List:
- x2 pairs of polyester/nylon socks (your feet get wet and stay wet)
- Good hiking shoes that dry quickly.
- Nylon/polyester pants
- Polyester shirt
- Swim trunks
- Reef or approach shoes for the waterfall.
- Camera ( I used my cellphone camera which worked fine)
- Snacks
- Water treatment or life straw (The hike lasts about 6 hours out and back, allowing time for pictures)