Photos of Panama City Forest Trails

3 days ago

This hike was by far one of the best. With its natural beauty of the rain forest, a crystal clear river to follow, and the 50ft+ waterfall reward at the end is something not often found. But what made it stand out for us was the seclusion. At least on the day we went, a Thursday, the two of us were the only ones on the trail.


The staff at Kalu Yala were extremely helpful and friendly in arranging a 4x4 and driver to pick us up and bring us back, all done at the last minute the day before via emails. Take their advice! The road into Kalu Yala, where the trailhead is, is really just a long, hot walk mostly in the sun and on very steep gravel slopes. Trying to walk in and out will just take away energy and enjoyment from the actual hike.


We took an Uber to the Kalu Yala basecamp in San Miguel. From there, a driver from KY picked us up, and then brought us back. The hike can be done in about 6-7 hours, depending on how much time you want to spend at the fall. I recommend planning for a pickup back at KY basecamp approximately 7-8hours after arriving.


Even though the hike was only about 7 miles, we burned more calories than a typical 7 miles hike. Bring extra water and snacks. The trail is appropriately labeled as HARD. At one point, you are just walking straight up the river with no trail for what seemed like 1km, climbing over rocks the entire time. The trail also gets very narrow just before the falls near the top of the side of the mountain, with dangerous drop offs. Then a roughly 100-200ft decent down a steep slope using ropes to help you up and down just before reaching the fall.


The water at the falls was a bit cool in February, but it was refreshing!


With this trail being fairly new on the All Trails app, I felt as if it hasn’t gain a lot of popularity yet, but I’m sure it won’t be long. This is a must see before it becomes over populated (hopefully not!).


The website below is what we went through to make contact with the staff at KY and Tresbrazos Outfitters.