Photos of Chiriquí Trails


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1 month ago

I backpacked this trail solo leaving Friday around noon from the trailhead and getting to the summit at 1800 just in time to see the sunset on the Pacific side. This was a grueling uphill climb with gear to spend the night and water. I brought a total of 4L and was enough. The trail itself is a combination of packed dirt, loose rooks, and a little muddy in some places. I set up my tent just before the last uphill part before the radio towers..There’s plenty of space a bit higher next to radio towers but wind was an issue that day. Also camping is good about 1.5 km shy of the summit in this big clearing. Temp was about 35F with a steady wind near the top but people say I had a warm night so be prepared for the cold. After a good nights sleep was able to enjoy the sunrise with a nice hot cup of coffee. If you are going to backpack be ready for a great challenge.