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Finca Lérida

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3 months ago

We hiked this trail In September 1. We did a night hike in order to arrive at the summit by sunrise. We reached the summit in about 5.5 hours moving at a slow to moderate pace, taking plenty of short breaks to rest. We spent an hour at the summit and then had a 3.5 hour hike back down. The trail itself isn’t tricky and is easy to follow. However, the steep incline of the trail, the rocky/muddy condition of the trail, and the distance made for a grueling nighttime hike. Additionally, a significant temperature change from the Panama heat at the base of the trail to near freezing conditions at the summit means you need to be extra prepared with layers of clothing. The views at the summit are killer and definitely worth the hike. However, this is definitely a trail you need to be physically and mentally prepared to tackle - particularly if it rains.