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Finca Lérida, Chiriquí Map
19 days ago

We hiked this trail In September 1. We did a night hike in order to arrive at the summit by sunrise. We reached the summit in about 5.5 hours moving at a slow to moderate pace, taking plenty of short breaks to rest. We spent an hour at the summit and then had a 3.5 hour hike back down. The trail itself isn’t tricky and is easy to follow. However, the steep incline of the trail, the rocky/muddy condition of the trail, and the distance made for a grueling nighttime hike. Additionally, a significant temperature change from the Panama heat at the base of the trail to near freezing conditions at the summit means you need to be extra prepared with layers of clothing. The views at the summit are killer and definitely worth the hike. However, this is definitely a trail you need to be physically and mentally prepared to tackle - particularly if it rains.

for the difficulty, you will have it here. My legs are still sore 2 days after the hike. 26 kilometers in one day is really rough! And going down... OMG.
But one thing that is disapointing is even if the challenge is here, the quality of the trail is really bad. It's like a large route for a car. The surface can go from: sandy and rocky (witch is really unsrable and slippery) to really muddy.

I would have prefer something more narrow and in the woods, slippy or not i dont care, it's just that i felt like walking in a car or VTT trail.

1 month ago

I hiked up Volcán Baru this last Sunday, 22nd July, 2018 with Cheryl from San Diego and Ronal the guide from Boquete Outdoor Adventures. We began at midnight reaching the sprawling antenna complex at 7.30am just below the summit finding refuge in a shelter as there were near gale force winds, torrential rain and a temperature of minus four degrees centigrade. We waited nearly three hours in the shelter before summiting, returning to the park entrance at 1.30pm. The scenery and the views are unbelievable spectacular of virgin rainforest and the surrounding towns of Boquete, Volcán and David. It was a sunrise hike which we didn’t see due to the inclement weather, nor did we see the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea which one is able to see on clear days! Definitely only for mad dogs and Englishmen.

8 months ago

This is a beautiful and difficult hike. The hiking isn't demanding, it is the distance and elevation gain that makes it challenging. A few tips from my experience. It can be climbed in 4.5 hours, time it accordingly to catch sunrise. Total time is 8 hours without taking into account an hour to take photos at the top. My group got to the top with hours to spare and were so cold. Wear pants, several layers, hat and gloves. The top is normally 7 degrees with some wind. I completed this hike in January 2018 from the guard house. Best time December to April
Trail Length: 16.77 miles / 27 km roundtrip (up and back)
Elevation Gain: 7,498 feet (2,274 meters)
Elevation of Volcan Baru Summit: 11,398 feet / 3,474 meters
Temperature at Summit: 45 Fahrenheit / 7 Celsius (approximate lows)

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I set off alone from the park gate at 01:30 to get there for sunrise and made it in plenty of time. At a decent pace without stops it can easily be done in under four hours, depending on fitness or between 5 and 6 hours if you're taking it easy and enjoying the views. Try and time it right depending on your fitness as it's cold at the top waiting for the sun to rise.
As far as 13km treks ascending 2000 meters go, I'd say this was pretty straight forward. The path takes 4x4s up to the top daily so it's well worn, wide and very hard to get lost on. Some rocky patches and the obvious incline, but nothing too tricky. There's a big telecommunications plant at the top, but with a little bit of scrambling up some fairly precarious rocks you can get to the true summit where you can turn away from it and the views are fantastic. Well worth the effort.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Difficult and beautiful!

3 months ago