25 days ago

I hiked up Volcán Baru this last Sunday, 22nd July, 2018 with Cheryl from San Diego and Ronal the guide from Boquete Outdoor Adventures. We began at midnight reaching the sprawling antenna complex at 7.30am just below the summit finding refuge in a shelter as there were near gale force winds, torrential rain and a temperature of minus four degrees centigrade. We waited nearly three hours in the shelter before summiting, returning to the park entrance at 1.30pm. The scenery and the views are unbelievable spectacular of virgin rainforest and the surrounding towns of Boquete, Volcán and David. It was a sunrise hike which we didn’t see due to the inclement weather, nor did we see the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea which one is able to see on clear days! Definitely only for mad dogs and Englishmen.