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Fantastic hike. It is challenging and you need to be in decent shape. The view from the top is absolutely amazing. We took a Fjord cruise followed by the hike. It was cool to see the Fjord from the bottom and then the top. Make sure to actually wear shoes appropriate for hiking. There were a few tourists trying to do this hike in high heels. It was a sprained ankle waiting to happen.

19 days ago

Get there as soon as the parking lot opens if you want to avoid a pointless extra 30-45 minutes of climbing. I've done this one twice now, and it's spectacular. Make sure to bring plenty of food and water, and PICK UP YOUR TRASH. This place can be very crowded on weekends or in the summer, and a lot of the people leave litter. It ruins the magic a little. But nothing can detract from the image of the Troll's Tongue. It's unparalleled! Wait your turn in line and do your best pose for your next profile picture. Expect this one to take all day. Due to Norway's generous camping laws, you can set up a tent at the end of the trail and wake up in the morning for some fantastic views.

19 days ago

Strenuous hike with one of the most fantastic payoffs at the top. It ascends about 1500 feet over about half a mile, so it's steep! The locals will tell you the trail is closed while they are working on a set of stairs to make the climb a little safer, but you can still do the hike without them. The initial part is through some trees and over some slippery rocks. I did this hike after a few days of rain, and it wasn't easy initially! Lot's of mud and wet rocks. Boots are very much recommended, but that being said, my friend (who is not experienced at hiking) had his luggage lost and had to climb this in my Nike sneakers. Tough, but by no means impossible.

After you get out of the trees, it gets very steep. Be sure to watch for loose rocks that can trip you up and then be sent down the mountain. Please be vocal if you knock some loose! I almost got clocked by tumbling rocks because the cllimbers ahead of us didn't say anything.

We made it to the top after about an hour, and were rewarded with one of the best views I've ever seen. If you split off to the right, you go do a bit of a climb and end up about 50 feet higher. There is a path off to the left which also provides spectacular views. Be aware that if you are afraid of heights, this is a lot! But don't let it stop you. It's worth it.

1 month ago

Was overcast when I did this walk, so the views were not as good as I hoped. Was still a very enjoyable hike, and views would have stunning on a clear day.
Track notes: https://hikingtheworld.blog/2016/09/29/justadtinden/

1 month ago

The path up was relatively easy to find, with a big arrow near the E10 tunnel entrance. The first part of the track was not too steep but very muddy. The second part was very steep and slippery. But was worth it for the views, which are just incredible!
Track notes: https://hikingtheworld.blog/2016/09/28/reinebringen/

1 month ago

Track was very muddy and the start of the trail a bit hard to find... but it was fairly easy to follow once we reached the lake. a few rocky sections had chains, which was fun. Didn't get all the way to Stokkvikskaret as it was a bit foggy, and my 8-yr old son was starting to get tired (and almost lost a shoe in the mud)!
Track notes: hikingtheworld.blog/2016/09/27/stokkvikskaret/

1 month ago

Was a wet day, so I only got as far as the saddle just below the peak - there are already great views from here. Didn't attempt the last scramble to the summit as rocks were very slippery.

Simply amazing! Can be busy but still excellent.

Went Oct 9th after the first snow of the year so everything was covered in snow and ice which added some time and difficulty, but overall it was great. Beautiful day. Worth the views. I thought KJERAG was more difficult, but trolltunga is just so dang long! So so long. Took 11 hours in the snow but I'm sure it's great in the summer. It's pretty well marked and if you need a guide for this hike, you honestly shouldn't be doing it (Because of weather or your skill set) but that's my humble opinion.

Nice hike, great view. One of the more busy/toeristic hikes in Norway.

5 months ago

Amazing view ! Be careful a lot of wind at the top.

6 months ago

Not technically challenging. There is however a good amount of elevation change over s rather short distance. Enjoyable hike no matter how you cut it.

6 months ago

Absolutely stunning. We flew to Norway for this one, and it didn't disappoint. Parking at the new lot up the hill shaves a few kilometers and is totally worthwhile. Start VERY early, as lines form for photos during the summer. We only waited 10-15 minutes in September, but we heard stories of 4+ hour waits in August. Check out the unmarked waterfall below the dam too. If you are an experienced hiker and you start early, you can finish this hike in six hours. We started at 6:30am, spent an hour at the top, and finished before 2pm.

If this hike were just about anywhere else, I would give it 5-stars. This one is great, but it just doesn't compare to Trolltunga or Kjerag. If you do this one, make sure you hike up above Pulpit Rock and do the loop trail. There are far fewer people and the views are much better than on the rock itself.

6 months ago

Absolutely STUNNING views everywhere you look! The first overlook has great views of the Sognefjorden but during the beginning of the hike there are a few great overlooks into the Esefjorden. At the very top of the trail, once you reach the wooden sign that says "Raudmelen" and points to other trails, there is a small trail to the right which ends at a bench overlooking the Esefjorden. There are amazing views of the glacier and valleys surrounding the fjord and I was lucky enough to see a double rainbow! (This also meant that I was in a rainstorm for a bit). One of the prettiest hikes I've done in Norway - so happy a local recommended this hike to me!

This hike is not for the faint of heart. It is worth attempting. Not necessarily difficult, just continuous effort. We've been twice with our 6 and 8 yr olds. Certainly, the summit is breathtaking, but there is much to see on the way up and back. Our first climb was on a sunny 21 degree day in June. Our second climb, was maybe 18 degrees and rainy (not a sprinkle, heavy rain) in late July. I'd do it again!

7 months ago

Hiked the trail out to the northernmost point in Europe on a foggy morning.
The trail even in the fog was easy to follow with all the tall trail cairns along the path.
The fog lifted about half way back to the trail head and afterwards we went to Nordkapp and could see where we walked in the morning.
This is a very enjoyable hike and one I recommend if you have the time, so you can say you have been to the actual northernmost point in Europe.

Absolutely awesome trail for the avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast. Short distance wise but you get a respectable 2000ft elevation gain. If you ever find yourself in the beautiful country of Norway, you simply have to partake in this fjord-set adventure. In the upper parts of the trail you'll come across a series of little lakes and rain basins dotted with colorful heather and various conifers. Once you summit the Pulpit Rock you'll be able to indulge in a beautiful vista that is the Lysefjord gleaming in vibrant turquoise color. You'll experience varied terrain ranging from compacted earth, man-made wooden bridges spanning across swamps to boulder fields and near vertical talus slopes. Some scrambling is required.

It is a difficult hike, but really a great experience. We camp on the top unfortunately we hiked with bad weather it was no possible to see the famous sight. But next time I'll do it

7 months ago

Challenging hike offering incredible sights. Hiked July 12th, 10 hours total. Departed at 4am and arrived to the tongue at 9am. Found 12 people at the tongue waiting in line and waited 15 minutes total.

On/off light rain and tons of melt led to a super muddy trek. Don't underestimate it as a walk through the park. Wear appropriate gear and pack light. A small water bottle is enough as you can refill from the many streams.

on Bergen Walking Tour

8 months ago

Great trail with a lake and sheep! easy to take the train up or down and walk the other. Can be done in an hour or longer.

kudos to the woman who works in the gift shop at the top. she gave me tampons out of her own purse since I was having a slight emergency. thanks girl!

Nice view, too crowded in summer

9 months ago

Excellent hike with many of the best views in lofoten. Highly recommended.

11 months ago

Godværstur fra Lønsdal stasjon til Lønstind 1.506 m.o.h. Obs skredfare den siste biten!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday, April 03, 2016

A fairly straightforward hike, as there are no trees and you can see your destination (the glacier) the entire time. The climb is quite shallow for most of the way, with several short periods of steep ascents. Lots of rocky terrain and muddy/boggy ground. At the destination, glacial melt creates deep mud, so keep an eye on your footing as you approach the ice. Overall a beautiful, scenic hike.

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