10 days ago

Amazing hike. Must do for a tourist. Locals aren't big on this hike but it was beautiful. I left the upper parking lot at 05:45 while still dark and used a headlamp. The trail was marked with cairns with a red T and there were glow sticks to help guide you in the dark. The hardest part for me was after the first hike up there is shear rock face that is pretty steep, not terrible, but it is made worse by the constant drizzle. Trekking poles would have made that part easier going up and down. The hike itself wasn't technical or very hard. I was slightly concerned on the way back when I saw people heading out that they were not appropriately dressed, i.e. jeans, tennis shoes, sandles, dresses. It was about 36F that day and it was a constant drizzle. I did catch a break when I arrived at the trolls tongue the clouds parted and I was able to get some amazing pics. I made it to the lookout around 09:45. On the way out I only really saw 4 people for most of the way out. I did run in to people that had obviously spent the night and were heading back when we were getting closer to the tongue. I made it to the parking lot by 14:00. I did not stop on the way out or the way back for a break except to catch my breath.