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Was a nice hike partly under the trees and partly in the sun.

Obsoletely worth of your 4-5 hours to hike to the top and enjoy the beauty of the fjords and glaciers!

Views are incredible. Water in the valley, gorgeous. Mostly very well marked. Rocky trails, rocks of every size on nearly every section of trail. lots of hiking down that you give back going up again. I am 57 year old female with some knee issues so down can be harder for me. The hike was very challenging but worth it. Total time 7 hours to cover 19 km. Not 8.5 miles by the way.

Amazing views!! Pretty tough uphill portions but overall not too bad.

1 month ago

Solid 18miles. Totally doable but the uphills are hard. The most surprising thing was how long it took to get back. Same time as going out! 4:15 each way. And 1.5hrs at the top taking pics.

amazing views!

Sick balls

wonderful 28K hike
We started at 6:00AM and took the switchbacks up the gravel road.
We then proceeded to a well marked trail that was flat at first and then had a staircase vertical. The views were beautiful from this point to the devil's tongue. We found the rock a little icy so be careful. We then hiked across a few snow areas and up and down a bit. Hiking boats were a must and our poles were handy. The views were well worth the long hike and there were a few campers, but it was not crowded until we returned back down the trail. Bring food, but you will not need more than half liter water bottle because the mountain streams are crystal clear.

1 month ago

Did this hike with a guide on April 26 2018. We started at the lower parking lot taking the paved switchback road up halfway before strapping on snow shoes. The trail was completely snow covered the rest of the way up. This was a difficult hike with all the elevation changes but it was absolutely beautiful all the way through. Our group of 8 had the entire trail and the views at trolltunga to ourselves! The entire hike from start to finish took 12 hours with 2 breaks. Very rewarding hike, amazing view at the end and felt a huge sense of accomplishment- especially since we snowshoed the entire length. A must do hike when visiting Norway!

1 month ago

Amazing walk. The first couple of kilometres is vertical incline so gets the heart rate up but the views along the way make it worth while. Took us 8 hours in total and we were going at a steady to fast pace

Great hike. Well maintained trail, especially the beginning 2/3rds or so.
Great views. Moderate climb and length.
We do it in 9 hours round trip (including good lunch break) from the lower parking lot using the switchback road route on the bottom ascent.
The upper parking lot (limited spaces) was closed, but will open on 6/16/18. If you start from there, you are eliminating the majority of the elevation climb.

We started at 3:00 am to avoid crowds and we had a beautiful hike that included sunrise.

Amazing views. Very windy at the top. went out of season so it was very quiet. wonderful hike

One of the best views I’ve had at the end of a hike. Got to eat lunch dangling 1800 feet above the water.

Incredible trail fit for those with moderate fitness/experience. One for the bucket list - this hike is breathtakingly scenic and a MUST if you are travelling Norway in summer months

2 months ago

Bucket list ✔️ Amazing hike we used a guide! Highly recommend and check weather May 16th 2018 cold at top! This was an epic! The pictures say it all!

This hike takes you back to the late 19th century and early 20th century when agriculture was still highly active in this strenuous mountainous terrain. Many of the Norwegian families that operated these farms fled to North America for an easier life. However, the Sinjarheim farm is still in operation by a local university. This hike allows you to experience this history along with breathtaking views. You will see waterfalls, cliffs, caves, and more.

on Trolltunga Trail

2 months ago

Make sure to find the original trailhead since all the signs now point to the new road which is definitely not as fun as starting out with the proper climb :-) Hiked this one through the snow which was a lot of fun. Great views and of course the instagram turnaround point ;-)

3 months ago

Hike will take about 12 hours up and down. It's very grueling (the first stair climb is insane). However the view up top is worth it! Bring camping gear and camp on top if you can .

Starts off with steep stairs - but those are the only ones. We had rain and dry the whole time. Finished in 10 hours.

Overall, beautiful and totally worth it.

3 months ago

Fantastic! Challenging to do all in one day. Start early and know the daylight hours. The opening stair climb is the hardest part but, of course it also happens at the end when your legs are shot. Rain can make it dangerous. The first glimpse of the lake was life changing. Well worth the trip.

Fantastic hike. It is challenging and you need to be in decent shape. The view from the top is absolutely amazing. We took a Fjord cruise followed by the hike. It was cool to see the Fjord from the bottom and then the top. Make sure to actually wear shoes appropriate for hiking. There were a few tourists trying to do this hike in high heels. It was a sprained ankle waiting to happen.

4 months ago

Get there as soon as the parking lot opens if you want to avoid a pointless extra 30-45 minutes of climbing. I've done this one twice now, and it's spectacular. Make sure to bring plenty of food and water, and PICK UP YOUR TRASH. This place can be very crowded on weekends or in the summer, and a lot of the people leave litter. It ruins the magic a little. But nothing can detract from the image of the Troll's Tongue. It's unparalleled! Wait your turn in line and do your best pose for your next profile picture. Expect this one to take all day. Due to Norway's generous camping laws, you can set up a tent at the end of the trail and wake up in the morning for some fantastic views.

Simply amazing! Can be busy but still excellent.

Went Oct 9th after the first snow of the year so everything was covered in snow and ice which added some time and difficulty, but overall it was great. Beautiful day. Worth the views. I thought KJERAG was more difficult, but trolltunga is just so dang long! So so long. Took 11 hours in the snow but I'm sure it's great in the summer. It's pretty well marked and if you need a guide for this hike, you honestly shouldn't be doing it (Because of weather or your skill set) but that's my humble opinion.

Nice hike, great view. One of the more busy/toeristic hikes in Norway.

9 months ago

Amazing view ! Be careful a lot of wind at the top.

10 months ago

Absolutely stunning. We flew to Norway for this one, and it didn't disappoint. Parking at the new lot up the hill shaves a few kilometers and is totally worthwhile. Start VERY early, as lines form for photos during the summer. We only waited 10-15 minutes in September, but we heard stories of 4+ hour waits in August. Check out the unmarked waterfall below the dam too. If you are an experienced hiker and you start early, you can finish this hike in six hours. We started at 6:30am, spent an hour at the top, and finished before 2pm.

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