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6 days ago

FANTASTIC WINTER HIKE! I did the hike on November 14th, started early-ish (9am), there was some ice/snow on the trail and very little people (both coming and going I saw less than 50 people. At the view point/summit I was there hanging with 8 other people around 11:30am-12pm). I finished the hike in 2.5 hrs, easily got a many pictures and videos (there wasn't even a line to wait), and got back to the parking lot around 1pm. I stopped for a scenic lunch on one of the benches about 500m from the parking lot, if not for my lunch I think it would have taken me 1.5hrs to get back to the parking lot from the summit. Crampons are recommended on the hike and you can rent them from the Hiker's Cafe for 100 NOK (appx 11 USD) and they require a security deposit of 500 NOK (appx 55 USD) that they refund once you've returned the crampons. Here's the thing... there isn't much snow and I did 90% of the hike in just my hiking boots...but for that 10% of the time I needed crampons, I REALLY needed them. But almost all the hikers I saw didn't need crampons at all! I was hiking for a while with this Swedish couple and they were totally fine in their boots, and even helped me while I was sliding around. I kept putting on/taking off my crampons and for small patches of ice (like on stairs or something) I'd just try to walk on the non icy spots and they helped out when my plan backfired. I even saw an older guy with a cane hiking in just boots (no crampons) that wasn't sliding. I don't know if there's some technique I'm not aware of or if there's some secret society of hikers with perfect balance on ice and they all decided to meet up at Preikestolen on November 14th, but clearly I wasn't part of that group. Going up to the summit, there were a few icy spots here and there, the snow also concealed a few signs about where the trail was and I made life hard for myself my walking through a thin steam...when there was a bridge 20ft to my right... I know, I was pretty disappointed in myself too haha. The view is truly gorgeous and pictures don't do it justice. It was a sunny day when I went and I'd recommend going on a day with a fair amount of sun. From my understanding this wasn't a true winter hike, as there was barely any snow, but it's still a lovely hike in November and I'd love to try this again in the summer!

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