Photos of Eiane Trails


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Amazing!! Me and my friends traveled in March 2018 and did this hike!! It is absolutely amazing! There was a lot of snow but the skies were cleared it was sunny and very nice. A bit slippery so if you are not very confortable with snow be careful. Bring food, a hot drink and gloves for sure!! We started the hike from the parking lot around 11:00am and by the time we were back it was about 5:00pm we spend a nice time at the cliff took some pictures and went back before sunset. A quick tip and an important one. Keep you eyes on the road always. Specially going down. The sun melts to top of the snow surfaces and it turns into ice. Sometimes “Black ice” on rocks which is hard to see. You can slip in a blink of an eye lol. Temperature was around 5C use light and warm enough clothes and bring an extra top just in case. Our food of choice was brown cheese, bread, chocolate and coffee. Anyways, have fun! And please! Respect the nature :)

Jonathan G,