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Stunning view. Love that place so much. I went there on early June. It was so good whether, not too cold and warm. And still see some snow a lot during the trail. Recommend!!!

16 hours ago

Really hard hike, wonderfull views all along, totally worth it.
Spent two nights in the tent, one night at the top near the trolltunga, wunderfull

4 days ago

Hiked up the first half with a headlamp, tented at the top for the night, then fished the hike to Kjeragbolten and back to the trail/restaurant parking lot in the morning.
Going up the mountainsides and down into the valleys can take a lot out of you even on a shorter distance hike, but the views are immensely worth the trek (as life is ;]).

12 days ago

Out of towners visiting from the US but our airbnb host suggested this hike. Great views of the archipelagos. We parked at the school and eventually found the trail. We had to search a bit in the neighborhood.
We hiked in the rain the 3rd week of August. Be warned, there was quite a bit of mud and tree roots that are veeeeery slippery when muddy and wet. I took a pretty decent fall to my knee from slipping. Wear your hiking boots if you have them, you could skirt by without if necessary but take it slow and be cautious.
We also were surprised and kept feeling as we stopped at a ridge we were very close to the top but it kept going up and up. It’s a bit deceiving with the top being set back and somewhat more gradual. Quick and easy hike for some beautiful views!

on Romsdalseggen Ridge

12 days ago

First off, this hike is a hike of a lifetime. I did this hike in the 3rd week of August this year with my two siblings. My sister is quite afraid of heights, but she decided to brave it and come along. I read a lot on the internet about this hike before doing it. What I found said “experienced hikers only,” and I had a hard time figuring out what that meant. Do I need ropes and crampons? All jokes aside, if you hike on the kinda sorta regular basis and have a good pair of hiking shoes or boots, you’ll be fine. I live in Utah and felt prepared in decent shape. We were surprised how chilly it was, if in late summer definitely bring layers and plan for rain. We didn’t have rain gear, storm clouds circled us and just sprinkled but we got super lucky. Definitely plan for rain. By the time we were hiking the ridge we were freezing, wishing we had gloves and grateful we had hats. As mentioned by others the descent is the hardest part, joints and knees were really feeling it by the end and it felt like it wouldn’t end! My knees in particular were not happy.
Since my sister is afraid of heights, we look up as much info as we could on the ridge line. Luckily my brother and I are not deathly afraid of heights. Most people said the ridge was scary with chains, the whole nine yards but in my personal opinion, there was one short section that felt narrow (maybe 20 yards, very short) and the rest was fine. The chains are there to keep you SAFE and by no means are there to let you cling on to life. The photos of the ridgeline look very narrow but two people can comfortably walk side by side during almost all of it. If you’ve been to Zion NP and have hiked angels landing, you won’t be afraid of the heights this hike has. Angels landing was much narrower, a bit scarier and more crowded.
Sorry for the long winded post but I thought I’d pay it forward to anyone out there looking for the same info I wanted while planning my trip to Norway. Definitely take the one way bus from Andalsnes that leaves at 9:30 from the train station.
All in all, an Incredible hike! Worth the aches and pains. Definitely will be a memory of a lifetime and is a wonderful highlight of our trip.

Great hike - would recommend only doing if there is adequate daylight for the return journey... Coming back in the dark is not advised!

27 days ago


Norway itself it’s such a beautiful country!
So much to see and enjoy!

Hike was great! Definitely worth it!
It was pretty easy!
I am not an experienced hiker and we have done it 4h way up in the rain&snow then 3h down!
Not many people, it’s out of season, have to be careful to not get lost as the signs are hard to see “hidden under the snow”
Just get yourself warm waterproof clothes, something warm to drink and “time” to enjoy it

We stumbled upon this hike while wandering around the neighborhood that our AirBnB was in. Perfect difficulty and an amazing 360 view of the area at the top. Bring shoes with good tread as it will be slippery in a lot of places. Highly highly recommend.

1 month ago

1 month ago

A hike to remember.

My girlfriend and I hiked Trolltunga during a recent trip to Norway. It’s safe to say that we will remember that hike for the rest of our lives. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

Pro tip: it might not be worth waiting 3 hours to get your picture on the ledge. Also, bring snacks.

1 month ago

Just completed this hike on October 7th, and hit snow as soon as we got to the last of the 17 switchbacks, which quickly turned to 1ft deep at stages as the snow continued to pump down all morning. Very beautiful views and magical hike in the snow to the famous Trolltunga. We were prepared for this weather so we had no problems, though in conditions any worse I could imagine it taking away from the overall enjoyment.

Difficulty : Moderate-Hard, the switchbacks are not as bad as they are made out to be as they are on a road, I can only assume due to the number of tourists, the majority of reviewers are not experienced hikers or a extra cautious in reviews, as once you have done a proper mountain hike, switchbacks on roads are easy no matter how steep. I would assume on a sunny summers day it would be a moderate hike for experienced hikers.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! - especially at this time of year as we spoke to a guide in Odda who said that in the middle of summer up to 1000-1500 people do the hike per day, leading to an hour or 2 wait for photo’s!! We had no wait at Trolltunga.

Absolutely amazing hike! My partner and I did this yesterday, it was snowing on us almost the whole time! It was like a magical winter wonderland full of waterfalls!

We went in May and it was a great morning hike. We started early to beat the crowds and it was worth it. It was a beautiful view from the top and nice to spend some time at the top without huge crowds!

1 month ago

We went in May and were hiking through snow for a decent portion of the hike. Don’t let the first kilometer scare you! It is pretty much climbing stairs for the whole first kilometer, but it gets way better. We took our time with several breaks and spent at least an hour at the top and it probably took us about 10 hours. There were incredible views along the way and the the view from the top makes the hike so worth it. It was definitely the best (and most difficult) hike I have ever done! I’d highly recommend it.

1 month ago

Not very difficult. Highly recommend! Absolutely beautiful. Only thing I regret is not going all the way after the huts.. There’s a great view of the Seven Sisters waterfalls

Fu**ing insane. If you’re even a little bit scared of heights, do it anyway. Have some good friends with you to help. One missed step and you’re done! So worth it! I’d do it again no doubts. I can’t believe something like that is real. The views.. no words can describe it. Just do it

1 month ago


2 months ago

This is quite an easy summer hike. It starts off with a recently constructed path of steps all the way to the Brekkefossen viewpoint. Next follows a little bit more challenging steep forrest path. If it’s rainy, there is a lot of water running down the path. You may encounter several herds of sheep on your way, but the animals are usually really shy. Next part of trek is physically far less demanding, but since the trail goes through swamps you should bring some good waterproof gear. It is possible to avoid this by leaving the trail and walking around. The last part requires you to step over the stream and a little bit of steep walk all the way up to the lake. Keep an eye on red “T” markings and you will find your way up.

Great views along the whole trail.

2 months ago

I'm a novice who probably does more hiking than your average tourist but wouldn't consider myself a hiker. I'm not in great shape but I'm stubborn.
This hike took me longer than most here (almost 10hrs of actual hiking) and almost two hours at the peak. We got there right as a group of 40 climbers arrived and at the peak time of the day. I also took the bus up (it only runs from 7a-2p so I had to hike down to the parking lot) to the upper parking lot. there's plenty of hike and I don't feel like I cheated myself out of anything. guess that's just a personal decision. 4km of switchbacks and dodging the busses isn't really something I feel like I needed to experience. there's still plenty of hauling. honestly, the first/last hour are the hardest. it's a steep climb at points and those are equally step coming back down.

On the 4th of September I hiked Preikestolen fot the 2nd time. I took my rest during the walk and enjoyed the sun I did hill trail and had a perfect panorama over the platform and the fjord. As I knew what was coming it was more easy than the first time.

2 months ago

Today the weatherforcast was some rain nd wind. At higher levels it was sometimes cold and slippery Near the boulder te rain was gone and I could step upon it. The hike back was sometimes more difficult than the way to the boulder.
Also a nice moment to meet other hikers.

Great trail. Rocky trail requires good hiking boots. My stats are 5.2 miles and 1200+ feet elevation.

The most stunning hike I’ve ever been on. Get there early, the trail is packed. Actually, even if you get there early the trail will still be packed, but it’s totally worth it for the views.

2 months ago

Aug 28, 2018. This was a fun and beautiful hike. I am a novice hiker in moderate shape and made it from the bottom trailhead to Trolltunga in three and a half hours. Don’t take the road up. It’s long and boring. I took the road down. There aren’t any switchbacks so your elevation gain is straight up in some parts which make for a difficult ascent. There are lots of places along the hike to camp or just sit and take in the sights. If you want a picture on Trolltunga itself be aware that there will be a line and the wait can be up to 2 hours depending on the time and day. Stay at the Airbnb (Linda) at the base of the hike. You can get an early start and beat the crowd.

Coolest view of Norway ever, and we road tripped through Stavanger, Bergen, Flåm, Ålesund, and Oslo!!

Easy hike up - a little tough going down as it is mostly rock stairs. Very touristy and crowded but the top is beautiful. If it’s foggy when you reach the top, sit and wait because the fog comes and goes and you won’t want to miss the view.

Easy hike with amazing views. Getting to walk under the waterfall is an incredible feeling.

2 months ago

Awesome hike. Weather was a little wet. Bring 2 pairs of gloves. One to get wet and climb with and one to warm up your frozen fingers lol

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