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Great track! Stunning views!

leadibg mostly through a rain forrest this track is moderately difficult and takes roughly 3 hours one way. You can see the whole Franz Josef glacier from the top and the view is trully stunning. Birds and dragon flies will keep you a company, as well as annoying helicopters which provide the same view only for a tons of $. why people prefer these noise machines is beyond me.

This trail is closed as of Jan 2019. Didn't look like they were planning to re-open it either. The small outlook that was open wasn't worth the trip.

I heard folks complaining that the glacier was mostly retreating. Sure, it is. But this hike is beautiful regardless. It's short and sweet.

It's a little hike, but a fun one. Tunnel is fun and you get to see some light glow worm action. Bring sturdy footwear that you don't mind getting soaked. Tunnel has a stream running through it the entire time that is ankle deep.

Fantastic view of Franz Joseph glacier !

Above clouds trail, great souvenirs.

a Nice walk. And they pad is in good condision. it is a short walk and a lot of visitors. Theater view on theater glacier is good.

Rocky riverbed path to the glacier. Amazing waterfalls along the way, some you can walk up to. Glacier is magnificent. Would recommend a helicopter hike if you have time and money - only way to actually hike in the glacier

Think it’s the best hike in franz josef ;)

It is really hard to walk on the stones, there is rarely a possibility to go on the actual beach if it’s flood. There is no spectacular view as well. You need to go further trough the lagoon and then to the seal colony to get rewarded. Care, the walk is really really REALLY muddy. It’s not steep though.

Great walk through amazing rainforest and later get a stunning view at Franz Josef glacier - much better than helicopter tours and cheaper ;)
Sometimes it gets very steep but on average the quality of the way is perfectly fine. (Careful can be slippery)

Lovely walk. Interesting beach. Very well defined and maintained path.

Last bit up Sentinal Rock is well made but a short sharp climb on an otherwise flat track.

It’s a nice little stroll I guess, and worth an hour or two if you’re stopping in Franz Josef, however the glacier is underwhelming to say the least. I know it has shrunk a good deal in the last few decades which is a shame, but it basically just looks like a dirty snowdrift and it’s about a kilometre from the lookout point. This track is hella easy so I have no doubt it is crowded in peak season.

To easy to busy

5 months ago

This is where the hobbits live. Lush and interesting. Such a beautiful climb. 3.5hrs total, with lots of pictures, at a steady pace. I would do this hike a hundred times over.

Easy walk to (near) the base of the glacier. The track is really well maintained and great to walk on. If you're only stopping by in Franz Josef thus is a good little out and back walk to do.

5 months ago

Awesome track! Took us two hours to reach the end (one way) and it was worth it. The track is not exhausting (I am medium fit) but can be a bit slippery aspecially when you go back down.

Lived in Okarito and couldn’t stop doing this track, absolutely loved it! If you’re into kayaking just as much as walking would also recommend Okarito Kayak Tours while you’re in the region.

pretty lake trail

Well worth the trip if you're fairly fit, the views are stunning and the hut at the top is well maintained by volunteers. Approx 3.5 hours up from the western side. There's another track up/down on the east/southeast side near the main road.

9 months ago

Lovely short walk on a calm day, great bird wildlife seen around the lake like friendly silvereyes and purple swamphens. Liked the info signs about the trees too! Kiwis keep their tracks so well maintained, it’s incredible!

Harder than the Tongariro Crossing in my opinion as its uphill constantly and quite steep near the top. Coming down wasn't too bad though. Take plenty of water.

The lake is nice but the walk is crowded and nothing special. If you go in the morning then just before you get to the lake there's a great view of Mt Cook and Mt Tasman, I saw the sun glimmering through the crowds and it was incredible.

A really fun and hard trail. We did it up in 2 hours and down in an hour and 15ish. Going up and through all the amazing stairs and bridges and up loads of rocks was so much fun! hard sweaty work but worth it at the view of the top and with the fun going down too. Wear hiking shoes and absolutely BE CAREFUL! It's super slippery in places and weather changed really quickly as we were going down.

Wide trail accommodated a steady stream of visitors w/o delays.

10 months ago

Incredible view of the glacier. We even saw and heard the ice falling.

If it’s raining it will be slippery and water crossings need care.

An excellent hike with exciting bridge crossings. Worth all of the effort and getting wet if in the rain.

Easy surface and trail through varying vegetation and along river bed with a great though distant view of the glacier.

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