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Quite good! Even though the view wasn’t that great it was still a decent hike :) the stairs near the end were killer!! Harder than most others I have done

7 days ago

We did this hike starting from the North End of Hahei beach, there are little sign posts all the way along so its super easy to find!

A few stairs but a nice gentle walk. very picturesque.

9 days ago

Great area with variety of terrain. Good challenging incline with many roots and rocks but most enjoyable. View from the top is breathtaking. Take lots of water. Well worth it. All in the canopy of the forest so lots of shade.

Great track - a good workout. Definitely take some hiking boots (35$ from the warehouse did me proud on this). This took us around 2.30 hours to the summit, and 2.10 back down, we're average hikers at best.

Its a fun hike, dont ruin your good shoes and take care on the drive up - its a long gravel road, we had a few near misses!

14 days ago

Pretty awesome day walk, quite muddy and slippery. Take some gloves with you as you will be using your hands a lot.
The view from the top is pretty hard to beat.

16 days ago

Really beautiful walk. Excellent place to stretch your legs for a bit if on the road.

There are multiple river crossings. It made the journey to see the kauri’s very interesting, you definitely had to earn it!

Interesting things to see. A shame how many idiots drop rubbish into geothermals. The views from the hill hike are worth.

Likely a great ride for mountain bikers, but sadly not a great walk for hikers due to the high number of high speed and non-track sharing bikers - very sad! Hey bikers if you can't see what's around the corner, please be prepared to stop ' thanks. The track its self is good and firm, and wanders it's way through regenerating bush above the lake. The lookout points were a little disappointing due to plant over growth blocking what would be great views. It's a long trek on foot so, take water and snacks and make a day of it. Oh, and take care on the tight corners, chances are you'll get a least one or two high speed surprises.

18 days ago

There is smaller 3km walk starting from near Wentfalls falls campground if you do not want to do all 23.5 km

Great alternative to the often busy gorge walks. This one provides fantastic views of the area and a birds eye view of the swing bridges at the start of the gorge. Did the loop clockwise for a great cardio workout to the summit.

19 days ago

2/1/2019. If you like a challenge then this is a good place to start. It is not easy, nor is the trail wide, but you are rewarded by the beautiful NZ bush - look out for the moss covered trees high up, and the stream about 2kms in. The view from the top is great, but dont go up too early as the morning mist can obscure the view. Do explore beyond the trig station to the rocks at the end if the trail ... great views! Things to note: there are narrow and muddy parts and there are obstacles to climb over or navigate around. Suggestion. Take a hiking/ walking stick ( to steady yourself and push away vegetation), water and snacks are always good and take your time on the way down...tripping over is a real possiblity. Well worth the effort and definitely enjoyable.

Amazing view on the top, very muddy. 2h30 to go on the top and 1h15 to go down.
One of the best hike in NZ !!
Caution with your car, some people see when you go to the hike and they try to rob your stuff inside your car..

22 days ago

Very beautiful.

A challenging hike with spectacular views from the top. Loads of stairs.

23 days ago

Pretty challenging hike with amazing views at the top. Chain sections on way up is the best part.

Nice view, but doesn’t worth the effort. Nothing to see until you get to the peak.

24 days ago

Pretty muddy and challenging but well worth it! Done as a longer day tramp which was fun but next time I think we'll stay at the top.

Loved it! Easy and impressive. A must see if you go to Waitomo.

27 days ago

My wife and I made the trek up Mount Tauhara Christmas morning. It was a great hike and it was definitely no easy jaunt. The opening farmland climb was deceptively not an easy stroll. Once we made it up into the bush the trail was full of narrow paths with a few large obstacles to navigate around. We summited in 1hr 40min. However, a local passed us on the trail and made it to the top in 45 min. We’ll chalk that up to the homefield advantage. The only sad part was we made the climb during rain and low clouds, so our view from the top was one up in the clouds. Hopefully we can make the climb again some day with nicer weather.

A good hike to take on if you need to conquer a fear of heights ;). There are a TON of stairs. And the trail is extremely rocky. Your quads, hams and calves will get worked. I have knee issues so If you have joint issues, take it slow. The last 800 meters (mile?) Have steep ladders you must also climb up rocks. But the view was worth it.

I caught it on an overcast day and was trying to beat sunset. Very windy on the platform so be careful.

All kinds of people on the trail. After seeing a few elderly, children and visually impaired person on the trail, I felt a bit silly for being afraid.

One word of advice, don't wear bright clothes. The flies here are weird. Had been heckled the whole climb up only to realize half way down maybe it was my shirt and backpack. Hid those abs didn't have another problem.

Definitely a must hike!

Note that parts are now closed due to Kauri die back. Check ahead before planning trip

Best hike in Coromandel. We were very lucky with the weather, the sky was clear when we reached the top so we could really enjoy the amazing view from there. If there is a flood warning after a rainy day, doing the whole loop is not recommended, you should take the webb creek track on the way back as well (ask the warden at the pinnacle hut if there is a warning).

1 month ago

Like others say, it’s busy, but we took a shuttle up around 5p, and with the hike taking “45 mins” (without relaxing and taking pictures) would have been rushed to take shuttle back. We walked it back to the parking lot and stayed past 6p down at the cove—which was worth it because most people had left to get the last shuttle !

Can’t beat seeing (in person) the cover snapshot of the newest north island NZ lonely planet book !

1 month ago

Its an easy walk so if you are looking for a real hike this isn’t it but it was beautiful! So many nice views and we really liked it that there is lots to see along the way. Flashlight wasn’t really necessary but it was convenient to have with us. It drips water when you walk through the caves and you have to, there’s no way around it. We didn’t mind but if you don’t like that bring a coat. We were able to keep our shoes dry but without a flashlight that might be tricky :) The staircases are not many and not hard. If you are in the area definitely do this one!

A great ride, and would rate it grade 3 because some people would not like the hills, which are not that bad but to some people they would be. If you want to arrange a vehicle at each end it may suit some people. Definitely worth the ride, or walk.

2.30 hours going to the top and back. Running and hiking. Nice and muddy. You must go with hiking shoes!
Awesome trail

Great hike. Clear skies when started but clouds moved in by the time we made the viewing platform on the top, so we missed the view. Visitor Center no longer logs in or out hikers for safety. So ensure someone else knows your hiking plan.

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