Photos of North Mount Egmont Trails

1 month ago

This tramp was amazing. Lots of stairs and some sections are quite steep. Coming down past Henry Peak towards the visitors centre was very rough. Lots of tree roots, mud, and large step ups/downs. Poles are highly recommend if you are shorter. Park at the Kaiauai car park, take that to Kokowai Track, that connects with Holly Hut track past the section that is closed due to a slip. There is a side trip about 40 min from Holly Hut to Bells Falls- so worth it! We stayed in Holly Hut the first night and walked the second half the next day. 5.5 hours each both days, including the side trip to Bells Falls. It took us about 3.5 hours to get from the Kaiauai car park to Holly Hut. If you park at the visitors centre it supposedly adds an extra 90 min at the start and end.