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4 days ago

We did this in 2017 and loved it - very lucky to have clear weather to enjoy the forests, lakes and waterfalls, incredibly beautiful and a good challenging hike

15 days ago


on Kepler Track

18 days ago

Hiked the first part up to the end of the treeline back in February. Easily the most stunning place I've ever been. The forest is incredibly lush and the trails are well maintained. It helps to have waterproof boots during the rainy season as mud does accumulate quite a bit. Once you get past the treeline prepare to be amazed with stunning views of the surrounding snowcapped mountains and lake below. I will definitely be back to complete the loop when I'm outfitted with enough gear.

23 days ago

Did this in Nov 17, lovely track.. If you saw what on the NewZealand.com adv, it us what you will be seeing there. Fantastic sightseeing, but It was hard for me 4 days of walking, best to travel light and carry pain killer, just in case you need it for the sore feet. Wooly for the feet and Vaseline work best. But it is a once in a lifetime experience

One of the most challenging but fun hikes I’ve ever done!! 110% recommend taking your partner and seeing how long you can last

1 month ago

I did this track in one day !
the first part is lovely.
After that was snowing so WE couldn't see much

Anyway it's a really nice track to do, but you should do it during the great season (Oct/Apr).

1 month ago

Did this track in Feb 2016 and bloody loved it. I choose to do it in three days but in hindsight would next time take the four days.

when it says this track is used heavily it sure is popular which makes booking essential but the beauty is you are on it with 40 or less people at a time.

I walked solo and had no-one near me through the day, but if you want company you can easily have it.

I based in TE Anau and drove up into MIlford sound two days before to have a good look around. Glad I did as I got in on the last day and it was getting dark.

This walk is beautiful and so is getting to and out of it. You won't ever regret it.

The track is safe and easy so you can Definatly do it solo and don't need to be guided.

The huts are second to none and are equipped with bed mats, gas for cooking, heating and water for washing up.

2 months ago

Incredible coastal views. Lots of wild life spotting. Saw kiwi during the day

I have walked the Track twice with Ultimate Hikes Guided Walks and still rate it one of the best Walks I have ever done.
I shared the experience with friends on both occasions and we had good weather that included snow on the Mackinnon Pass on the 2nd occasion
Both my trips were in November and the only downside was the Sandflies that pestered you (take bushmans deet if you can cope with it )
The track can be very wet and dangerous if you are on your own so I can heartily recommend the Ultimate Hikes Guided Walk for the ultimate in 5 star hiking!!!

6 months ago

Only wish we had time to do whole track

8 months ago

I loved the hike along the top (once I got there!) along the ridge. Beautiful views...you feel like you’re on top of the world. Side hikes to the cave and waterfall are a must!

8 months ago

Absolutely loved this hike! Time spent with people from all over the world in the huts was great. Would do this again and encourage you to try it! Beautiful!!!

i did it under snow and low clouds but it was still magical to be above the bushline

Perhaps my favorite Great Walk.

Great tramp! Unfortunately couldn't reach the very end as of spring snow and lack of equipment.

Beautiful! when you get to the top it will most likely be misted over, but still very cool. Def bring a rain coat and lots of deet.

11 months ago

Good! But don't go during the off season. Avalanches prevented us from crossing the pass and eventually had to get choppered out. Pack extra wet gear because it rains a lot. Beautiful scenery and a very fun experience.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Milford Track is famous for a reason. You make appointments with the two huts along the way and then schedule your pickup at the end through Milford Sound. It will rain. Maybe every day. We lucked out and it only rained the third day, so we blasted out the 12 or so miles soaking wet but it was flat. We were rewarded with a foggy Milford Sound surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls. The rest of the track is as beautiful as you can imagine, the waters crystal clear, the trails immaculate, and the staff friendly. You will probably meet some very interesting and friendly people along the trail from all over the world. Once in a lifetime hike. Also, someone WILL snore in your hut.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Milford Track affords stunning views from the top of the pass, Southland Falls are well worth the walk in from the main track. Note this app shows the start at Milford Sound, the walk actually starts from Te Anua Lake. The first lodge is Glad House. You can walk this with an organised hike so you only carry your personal effects. Enjoy!

Best hike I've ever done.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One of the best hikes I have ever done...and I have done hundreds of hikes. Cascading waterfalls, steep peaks, a couple small stream crossings, this hike has it all. Here is my full story on this fantastic route!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wow kepler, probably deserves an ode but a mere review will have to suffice. Spectacular scenery from lakeside to fern filled forests and gnarly trees growing sideways out of the hillside to sweeping views of valleys and lakes with clouds rolling in and out like the tide. With good weather the views cannot be beat. The sleeping huts make your pack lighter. This trek is a must do!

Monday, February 13, 2017

1st day : 1000m up ↗️ pretty hard, Luxmore hut has an amazing view

on Kepler Track

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