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10 days ago

Walked the track in July (mid winter) starting in the darkness at 7am. The first 4ks up were fine, then the track became snow/ice covered which made progress slow going. Amazing views at the top, but the lookout point was very slippery (be careful if going up when icy).

6hours return.

11 days ago

This felt like a never-ending up up up. My plan was to take a short, relaxed walk about halfway up. But it was so marvelous, I had to keep going. Made it up and back in 3.5 hrs (jogging most of the way down). However, all I had to carry were my poles and light jacket. Water would have been a plus, but not essential. Only passed 5 people the whole time, all of varying fitness. YOU can do this! So very worth it.

16 days ago

As the other reviews mentioned, the track itself is pretty bland but the views are spectacular! Worth going all the way to the top past the view point. About 1/3 of the track was very muddy and slippery and the summit push is pretty snowy, but manageable (we were hiking in running shoes). Definitely steep. We made it to the summit in just under 3 hours with the above conditions.

22 days ago

Physically I found this hard (I wouldn’t consider myself unfit but I don’t train or anything), but the trail is very straightforward and well maintained. All worth it for the views, and options to climb right up to the peak for the added panoramic view ❤️

Difficult but insanely worth it.

1 month ago

The walk is boring, but the view is fantastic !

i camped there and i saw almost a perfect milky way and a beautiful sun raise.

Great walk. It was covered in snow and the track wasn't easily visible at the top.

2 months ago

Would love to know how all trails rates these. I would 100% rate this as difficult. However the trail itself is very well maintained (careful of cow paddy’s and sheep turds, but you are walking through their home). I knew it would be uphill the entire way through research. We did a sunrise hike starting at 4am, getting to the top in just shy of 3 hours. The clouds rolled in pretty thick so we couldn’t see Wanaka and the lake, but the sunrise was beautiful along with the mountains all around. It is a fairly boring walk up but the view up top is worth it!

3 months ago

The wide open lake/mtn views are magnificent, just tried to soak in every moment. It's a long steep slog but worth it and not crowded. There were a few wild chamois deer in one of the mtn valleys, keep your eyes open.

Great view of the river , Alpine , glacier , birds.

Hiking with slightly snowfall is incredibly beautiful !
met 2 kea at the end of the track. perfect hiking.

4 months ago

I hiked this trail last week with two friends. I work out 4-5 times a week, but I’m 38, overweight, and not exactly in shape. Also, I haven’t been hiking since last fall because of winter (I’m from the northern hemisphere). So, judging from some of the reviews and the fact that this is 4.85 mile uphill track, I wasn’t sure how far I’d get. We started a little before 4am with the goal of reaching the summit by sunrise. The moon was bright and the stars were brilliant. I took my time, stopping often to catch my breath. I reached the first lookout a few minutes after 7am- just in time to catch the first rays of the sun as it came over the eastern mountain. The view is unbelievable. The other two had made it in less time. We stayed there for awhile, then headed on up to the actual summit. The phenomenal views make every inch of the climb worthwhile! That 4.85 mile downhill track is hard on the knees and toes! Good footwear is a must. I can’t imagine making that climb in heat and sunlight. The darkness made it easier since I couldn’t see how far I still had to go. This was definitely a highlight of my NZ trip!

4 months ago

Amazing alternative to the popular Roys Peak near Wanaka! In between two incredible lakes (Wanaka and Hawea) with mountain views all around. If you come from a super flat place like the USA midwest like me, EVEN BETTER.

Great Day. Loved it.

Great hike - harder for the littlest kids but amazing views, a variety of micro-climates, well maintained trails, and a fantastic drive-in with beautiful farms and sheep. Bring a car/truck w enough clearance (0.5 m) to ford the streams en route to the parking area. Was a terrific 1/2 day hike

4 months ago

Why does AllTrails show as a "Moderate" hike? This was very hard - endless uphill, many, many steep hills. There is no shade so you have to carry enough water and sunscreen is the must. When I went there it was very windy at the top and cold I was so glad I carried my warm jacket. The views from the trail were unbelievably spectacular.

So I guess I'm the first Debby downer that didn't love this trail. The view at the top is spectacular (it's a 5star view, really beautiful) especially with the glacier in the distance, but going up and coming down is in full sunlight with the same (beautiful but unchanging) scenery for hours of grueling uphill track endlessly switching back and forth. There aren't any rocks to climb over or anything to make it more fun. Just steep uphill walking for hours. The track is more like a dirt road with its width. Maybe I'm being too harsh because of the amazing trails we've done in the north and south islands but this one I would not do again, nor would I honestly recommend it. Just FYI We did 2hrs 25 mins to the top, and 1hr 25 to get down. We are fit but don't hike super often.

Awesome views from the top!

5 months ago

I’m not super fit and I did the hike up in 2 hours and 20 min with a 10kg camera bag on my back. Totally worth it. Amazing views and great sunset.

Very steep, but worth it for the views. Took 2.5 hours to top and 2 hours back down.

5 months ago

Like others we really loved this hike. It was pretty much a steep hike from the start with pretty amazing views all the way up. Bring sunscreen and a decent amount of water if it’s warm. We over-prepared on clothing as the temps were supposed to be in the teens but it felt much warmer so we quickly shed layers and were fine.

It took us 4.5 hours round trip and 3 plus a little to the top. We jogged a bit on the way down which is why we beat the average. Our legs were pretty sore the next day as we haven’t been doing a lot of distance hiking recently.

Wow! What an amazing experience, we hiked the track in time for sunrise yesterday, the track was well mapped and easy to navigate with a head torch, we carried on the extra 17km of the skyline track, (keep going after Roy's peak) Mt alpha, is higher and more stunning fyi.... The skyline track was great up until the last 8-10km of decent of farming land so we thought upon reflection we would have had better terrain and views if we'd just turned back after 15km or so.... Great day out though

Positive: nice view around you.
Negative: busy trail

7 months ago

Do it

8 months ago

Amazing hike with breathtaking waterfalls! Do note that the road to the trail head floods in places, so if you don't have a car with good clearance than you'll be walking about and extra 1.5 miles to the head.

5 stars because you will see everything on that trek (huge waterfall, snow, alpine, ice, river, perfectly blue water...etc)

One of my top 5 trails - start before sunrise to beat the heat in Spring/Summer. Sunrise is worth it - we started at 330am and were at the top by 545am to view sunrise.

Great quick way to start your day!

awesome,beautiful scenery,well worth it!

Best hike I've ever done so far and it is all for the view. I have a tattoo of this peak it's so special.

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