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easy trail and nice view point

Did this great walk in September 2017 and it was unreal! Highly recommend

29 days ago

this is a lovely coastal walk that offers great views of the coast, a mixture of vegetation pungas and manuka and wildlife tui, fan tails, Australasian gannets and seals! we are a fit couple and found the walk easy going it is generally steady with well maintained wide smooth paths with short meandering ascents to views of the bays. there is a bit of a short rocky scramble (100meters) to separation point itself which requires some careful foot placement and a bit of agility. Mutton Cove also has a section on the beach which again involves a rocky scramble and requires careful footing. overall it is a decent walk for a day which you can do at a steady pace with stops at the beaches and viewpoints requiring just a few hours but you could take it leisurely and stretch it out.

We completed a day trip starting at Bark Bay and ending at Awaroa - we used a water taxi to get to and from these beaches back to our base at Kaiteriteri. Took us a little under four hours to complete. The views on this section of the track were wonderful - a lot of time was spent either walking on beaches or catching glimpses of them through the bush. I would personally rate this section of the walk moderate difficulty at best. There were occasional steep moments after leaving Bark Bay heading north, but these were very short lived. Most of the time, the track was flat with very gentle inclines or declines. I'd imagine this section would be suitable for families and people with moderate to low-moderate fitness levels - even with a backpacking pack, this part of the walk would be very doable. There's a cafe at the end (Awaroa) during the summer for those who would be in the hike for a reward beer or bite to eat. Compared to the other bays we visited (Bark Bay and Onetahuti), Awaroa was the most crowded due to the presence of the lodge and cafe - something to keep in mind for people who prefer to avoid crowds as much as possible.

Splendid trail with gorgeous but !! But you need to be sure footed, and to have good weather. I arrived from mount Cedric trail and went down on that trail with crazy winds all along the ridge. I sometimes had to lie down not to fall. The path is really well indicated.

1 month ago

Really nice hike through forest, moutains and lakes. I stayed in Lakehead hut, upper travers Hut, Blue lake Hut and Sabine Hut (amazing sunset on the lake). it's an easy path if you do the classic trail as there is not so much elevation appart from the saddle. A side trip to blue lake is really nice to add and to Angelus hut as well ( you have to book the hut in advance if you want to stay up there overnight). I took the mount Cedric trail and then the Robert Ridge : it has absolutely incredible views but be prepared to have a really steep trail to glum (1400m up for only 7km). And you want good weather. I had such strong winds on the Robert Ridge that I literally had to lie down a few times. Also I would recommend staying in coldwater instead of lakehead as the hut has a nicer view :) bad you can see eels in the water

great hike ,pinchgut is the best way up

by far my favourite hike in nz. diverse views and terrain and not as busy as the nz great walks.

walked from midlands beach to awaroa lodge..3.5 hours walking..about 9.1 km..was great view and wonderful day , overcast and no sandfly..Lodge is great .had bags come up on water taxi..waiting in the room..looking forward to dinner and drinks in the restaurant..

2 months ago

very easy and nice track! One of my favourite walks in New Zealand. There are so many different kinds of landscape and stunning views. If I could I would do it again in the winter season. it's definitely worth to take your time on the trip there are so many side trips and things to see. at the Gouland Downs you can even see whios (blueducks).

Absolutely amazing hike! Steep uphill at the start with views of the lake then a steady hike across the top of the ridge. Lots of really fun rock hopping made it really exciting and a bit tough at times :D Definitely give yourself the whole day if you plan on on doing this in one day!

Really great track. We hiked from Marahau to Wharawhangi then back to Tortoranui to catch a water taxi back. The hike was mostly flat but there were still many locations where the forest opened up giving way to a great view of the coast. It was also very nice to camp right on all the amazing beaches and go for a swim each day! Great hike would highly recommend!

The trail was not well marked. We were on our way to observation Bay but the signs were unclear as to where it was. We walked down to Anchorage then walked back up to the trail and started to ask people if they had seen the turn off. They said they did, so that kept us going. Other than that, it’s an easy trail.

3 months ago

Amazing. Wanted to turn around at the end and do it again

3 months ago

Beautiful hiking. One of the best in NZ.

This really shouldn’t be one of the Great Walks. It’s not so much of a hike as it is a stroll. It’s almost entirely flat, and the uphill sections are short and not steep. There is literally not a single part of this trail that’s demanding. I hiked days 1-3 (Aowara - Marahau) in under 6 hours. Also, it’s pretty busy and only rewards you very occasionally with views as most of the time the canopy hides everything. There are much better hikes to do around here, whether you’re in it for the challenge or the views.

Nice trail, a little busy south of totaranui.

4 months ago

Spectacular great walk with a range of beautiful scenery!

5 months ago


Such a good Great Walk catered to fit people who want to try something new. Just make sure you have really good shoes because the final decent on the first day is really steep and it can be very slippery if wet.

not as wonderful as all the hype! I took the aquataxi from Marahau to Barks Bay and then hiked back to Marahau. 15 miles later, I can tell you that the hike was mostly through the bush which is very thick and as such, very, very limited, to no, views of the ocean. so if you like the beauty of the bush, then you will love this coast track. if you want more views of the surrounding mountains and ocean, you will be disappointed! the hike was a combination of flat areas and some steep inclines.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Hiked this in end of February so nice weather ! Started in Anchorage and ended in Marahau, 12.4km. The beginning was very very steep and sun exposed. But the rest of the trail was level, and shaded. Lots of bees on the trail, not sure if a seasonal thing. Very pretty views, but would rate it as moderate not easy !

Friday, February 02, 2018

Definitely not “easy” if you are bringing a pack. Routeburn is listed as “hard” and is 10 miles less and the same total elevation gain. I personally prefer a steady gradual climb with a steady gradual decline (Routeburn) rather than 10-15 steep up and down climbs that Abel Tasman has. If you are bringing a large pack or have bad knees - be ready for a much more difficult hike than All Trails makes it out to be. Still an amazing hike though, and some incredible jungle to ocean views. Bring jandals or an extra pair of shoes though - because you’ll get your feet wet.

The best track I did if we are talking about beach sand and blue water ! A must do

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lovely to have a hut by the water near the end of the hike. Nice swimming. Beautiful changing scenery each day. Not very difficult terrain.

Simply gorgeous! every beach is a dream and the camping is pretty good in most places. Kayaked part of it and hiked out the rest (towards takaka). Lots of tidal estuary crossings.

Spectacular views!! This is not for the faint of heart. You must be sure-footed and in shape as there are parts of the trail/ridge that is very steep on either side. Lots of bouldering. We went back down via Speargrass. Remember you must have tickets to stay at all the huts in NZ. You must get them BEFORE you plan on hiking or else it might be sold out. Also, a note to tourists- you're in NZ now 1) please be polite and respectful to others you're a guest here and should act accordingly 2) take your trash with you, don't litter on the trail or in the huts.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Most of this hike is very flat and is complemented by stunning views of the ocean. It can be both hiked or kayaked. It is well-traveled but not congested. Also, you can take a ferry back from certain points along the trail back to the start if you don't want to complete the whole trail.

Did part on a kayak, hiked a bit too. One of my favorites I've done.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

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