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Manawatu-Wanganui Region, New Zealand Map
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15 days ago

After doing the MateMateaonga 3 day trek, we were picked up on the Whanganui river by one of the jet boats. They took us up to the Bridge to No-where were we hiked, had lunch, and back down the river to Pikiriki. I wish I could have added the Matemateaonga track to AllTrails as it was a great hike.

If you can imagine the people as wildflowers in your landscape you will be rewarded with some pretty unique scenery and an awesome scree slide. Takes lots of vista stops even if the traffic flow is pushing you along.

Absolument incroyable! Un must to do!

Bloody amazing. We had the perfect day so the views were awesome!

Amazing views. Very challenging hike. Not for the faint of heart. Ascending is very tiring and descending is rough on the knees and quads. Bring food and first aid kit and plenty of water

Great weather, great hike! The trail is in amazing condition. Devil staircase is a challenging part of the hike and then coming off the summit, it’s loose rock and pumice. We did it with a guide because we didn’t know what to expect, however you could easily manage without a guide in the summer months.

Very picturesque parts of the track - certainly deserved the credit it's given, but can be tough of the knees and feet.
There are very steep inclines, loose rocks and gravel, and the top of trek can be very windy and cold.
There are far too many people along the track, but it managed to keep it's ruggedness nonetheless - so don't go unprepared!

One of my favorite hikes of all time.

Too many people, but worth it.

Steep scree climb. Nice at top.

5 months ago

Great track. Would recommend climbing My Ngauruhoe for the views but this is a very tough climb! Bring gloves if you do to protect your hands from the rocks.

We did this as part of our Tongoriro Northern Circuit hike (takes 4-5 days). Very beautiful! Very tough day hike. There are people who turn back or just sit down off the trail waiting for their group to come back. Hard on the knees. Very busy trail!!! It's basically a line of people doing this thing.

Volcanos, craters, tussock- what more could a girl ask for! such an amazing hike. We took our time and explored a bit so finished in 5 days. We started first with the Alpine crossing. This part is steep. very steep. I was also using my hands to walk I was at such an angle. Lots of rocks so be careful of your ankles and knees on this one. Did the optional Glacier lake on day five, but this is all scree and pretty steep. Worth it!!!

An amazing hike.The views are fantastic. Prepare for all weather. I did it in late January (summer) It was really cold when we started and then it got hot, then really windy with a bit of chill factor and rained on the way down! The track was incredibly busy at this time of year, but chatted with lots of really cool people from all over the world! My husband and I did this with our then 12 year old at his request. Even though he is really fit, it was tough going for him.

amazing hike! the view is worth the effort.

5 months ago

Do it!

Did this hike in September 2016. Amazing amazing experience!

6 months ago

Probably the best day hike anywhere in the world. Volcanoes, lakes, a variety of topography. The only downside is it's very popular and you might get a bit held up on the steep parts.

6 months ago

Amazing hike! When I hiked it with my family we had the best conditions possible. The sun was out, no clouds, no rain, and little wind. Couldn't have asked for better conditions. Definitely worth the climb for the views!

I hiked this trail in May.

paddle sports
6 months ago

I kayaked part of Whanganui in early-January on an adventure tour. We stayed at a sheep and bee farm on the river with private water access, so I can't provide input on entry/exit points. In short: this river is GORGEOUS. Tall cliffs hug you throughout, capped by green rainforest foliage for an exotic sense. Wild ducks and goats peek out to encourage you along your way. The truly adventurous make this a multi-day journey via canoe, staying at the many free first-come-first-serve government-owned "huts" along the river. I've added that to my bucket list; stay tuned. ;) One of the highlights of my north island trip for sure!

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