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This was such a great experience hiking in the snow. Crampons a definite must have. The views and the majestic alpine scenery made this hike so worthwhile!

Eine meiner besten Erfahrungen.
Der Muskelkater war es Wert

Good hike with great views. A bit windy up the top of the creator. Some steep parts, with stairs and rope climb. Took about 7hrs to complete but so worth the view

Incredible trail! Felt otherworldly and so glad I did it. Staying at National Park Village was a good call too!

Awesome hike with 1metre new snow
recommend only doing guided in winter .
Used Outdoor Adventure they rocked
very few hikers in the winter quite different to the rest of the year
Crampons and Ice axe a must


5 months ago

One of the best hike I ever did. 6 hrs, took our time, long and hard but so worth it. Imagine walking on a Volcano, and feeling like you are on Mars! Bring layers, good shoes, lots of water and a lunch. You need shuttle service at end or another arrangement. This is a one way 20k ride. Enjoy!

5 months ago

Best ever

One of the best

Worth every step! Wear jeans and long sleeves. The scree is sharp. Just do it!

Beautiful, really varied hike. I don’t train for hikes but I wouldn’t consider myself unfit, though I found the Devil’s Staircase (?) very very challenging.
Mountainous, some looks like Mars, a bit of a scramble coming down to the lakes, and a lovely forest walk.
We took 2 cars, left 1 at Mangatepopo

I haven't done this hike, but for those who don't know, the volcano in the center of the loop, Mt. Ngauruhoe, is Mt. Doom in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I have to confessed, we decide to do this hike because of "mount doom" and after completing it we were amazed with EVERYTHING. we did it around January 4-7, cant recall the exact day by now :/

We took a shuttle from our RV campground to Mangatepopo car park; and the same service pick us up at Ketetahi car park. (I think we used this one https://nationalparkshuttles.rezdy.com/190355/tongariro-alpine-crossing-return-transport-from-national-park-village-to-the-mangatepopo-car-park )
At the start it was misty and light rain, by the time we hit the real steep part it was foggy; we stay around 1h in the highest point, and when going down it was sunny.
Our shuttle pick us up around 9am, and we got the last shuttle back at 6pm. Took around 1h on the top and took a LOT of picture. we (I) are also slow pace hikers.

Is suppose to be very crowded, dunno if it was because there was storm in the area the day before (we had to re-schedule our trip to the area and stay in Taupo an extra day) but it never felt crowded.

Advice: Make sure you have rain jacket, do layers (I was wearing 1 t-shirt, 1 swearer, raining jacket; 1 legging and one water proof pant on top >> end up with leggings and t-shirt; swearer on and off)
We took 2L water each, but it was not as hot/humid so we consume less water than on previous hikes.
Good boots
DONT forget your camera :D


Exceptional Track ... I climbed on thw top of Mt Ngauruhoe during the winter 2010 and I m going this year in July once more ... Tongariro Alpine Crossing also top hike in the world!! Must to do !!

7 months ago

February 2018

7 months ago

Absolutely beautiful absolutely stunning a day of dreams coming true dis this beast twice and miss it every single day. Always have dreams of it and will 100% do it many more times just for inner satisfaction

Short walk, would be better after some good rain

Great scenery if you’re not in a cloud (like it was when we did it). The trail was clear when we started but clouded up by the time we got above bushline. The biggest detractor is the sheer volume of people. There were quite possibly 1000 other folks on the trail and many times we were waiting in line on certain parts of the trail. For us this was a huge detractor from the overall experience. We hiked this in early March on a Saturday so that probably was a factor in the busyness. There are lots of other spots in NZ that are far less crowded.

I visited both north and south islands in November 2017. Overall, I loved the south island a bit more in terms of alpine hiking/epic views, but this north island hike ended up being my favorite on the entire trip. This hike has to be the most popular hike in NZ other than the Milford Track (not a day hike like this one), and for great reason. It also seems to be one of the most diverse hikes in NZ including volcanoes, crater lakes, glacial valleys, and rainforest at the end. We had every type of weather along the way, and I loved it. Bring rain gear/great boots and you'll be fine. This will definitely make a great memory if you decide to do it. Like I said. Very popular, but for a reason. Tongariro Expeditions shuttles from Taupo worked out great. Take the early bird shuttle at 5:30 am. to get a head start before the rest.

Best day of my life so far.

9 months ago

Epic..... even on a cloudy rainy day. The hillside and rain forest vegetation are completely stunning.

Most challenging and amazing hike of my life. Life changing.

Absolutely incredible

The best 1 day hike I've done so far..the most out -of-this-world landscape I've seen so far on the stretch mangatipopo hut to soda springs checkpoint..
Weather was manageable, light showers and heavy fog on the way..strong winds at the summit of the pass - 60kmph as per forecast website, but was manageable.
Elevation gain is moderate and manageable, distance too, nothing too strenuous. Distance is actually about 13.5miles. Trail is well marked and easy to follow and paved for the most part.
We were discouraged from the crossing due to the weather but realized that it was no where close to what they were making it to be. If in doubt, just do it, the views you will be treated with are priceless.

Great trail! We had sun, rain, and very strong winds. Hiking in the clouds and in a volcano was pretty awesome. One of the harder hikes I have taken but well worth the effort.

Just make sure the wind will not be too strong when you go there because it could be dangerous. After that, this is one of the best 1h trek in the world for a reason... it’s incredible !

10 months ago

Only reason for the 4 rating is because we weren’t able to finish and the sign at the beginning that said we shouldn’t hike wasn’t displayed when we left. We started out very early (6am) last Wednesday and while we were expecting a bit of wind and rain we were not prepared for 50+KPH and heavy rain. We didn’t hit the heavy wind and rain until the top when we thought things would clear up and we now understand why the signs with warnings are there. We ended up making the decision to turn back along with a couple other groups from Australia, Canada and Belgium. All of us just weren’t prepared for the sideways rain that pushed us around at the top and cold temps - we just need to come back and challenge Mt Doom another time.

nature trips
11 months ago

After doing the MateMateaonga 3 day trek, we were picked up on the Whanganui river by one of the jet boats. They took us up to the Bridge to No-where were we hiked, had lunch, and back down the river to Pikiriki. I wish I could have added the Matemateaonga track to AllTrails as it was a great hike.

If you can imagine the people as wildflowers in your landscape you will be rewarded with some pretty unique scenery and an awesome scree slide. Takes lots of vista stops even if the traffic flow is pushing you along.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Absolument incroyable! Un must to do!

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