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Lovely coastal walk - stunning scenery

no shade
3 days ago

Really lovely walk, wear a hat if the sun is out! Not too long & a few short hills to keep the heart rate going. Also can include a nice beach walk too :)

A wonderful walk with my beautiful wife.

Beautiful views and well laid out track.

great walk around west Auckland..good workout as the stairs can test your firness ability.
good spot for a quick dip at the mokoroa falls.

Only steps up (and lots of them) to the viewing platform are open due to Kauri die back. There was no mention in the start of the walk. We only realised when we got to the top, then we had to come back down the same track. Was worth the view though and the steps up are good for training and getting your fitness up.

Pūweto Loop
2.5 hours, 10km
The longest of the loop tracks, Pūweto Loop follows Waitawa Bay Track
onto Pāwhetau Pā Track crossing the park road at the main entrance
and joining Farm Track to go up the open ridge-line, with views across
neighbouring farmland and down between tall eucalyptus trees to a picnic
area with toilets. It then joins Valley Track to take in the wetland area
before rejoining the Farm Track up and along the ridgeline to join back
onto Waitawa Bay Track for the final descent to Mātaitai Bay.

this hike was very short maybe 20 mins to the look out, family friendly and beautiful view.
lots of shade
you can continue to hike after the look out, there's also a lovely caffe just outside of the hike.

Nice hike through the forest in Hunau Ranges Regional Park (https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/parks-recreation/Pages/park-details.aspx?Location=213). The views are good, but not super spectacular by New Zealand standards unless by chance you are particularly interested in dam design. The 2nd half of the walk is along a road after you get to the dam at the top, but it's a nice road. If the large and obvious carpark is full, you can actually drive a little ways up the dirt road to the suspension bridge at the start of the trail where there is space for 5 or so cars. There are footwear cleaning stations at the entrance to the suspension bridge and where you exit the forest by the dam. The trail is spectacularly maintained, but I would rate it as easy/moderate, as there are steep parts and many flights of steps.

This is one of the most popular hikes in Hunua Ranges Regional Park, where the main focus is on the forest and the kauri trees. The latter require protection from fungal infection, so there are footwear cleaning stations before and after you enter the trail (https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/parks-recreation/Pages/park-details.aspx?Location=213). I thought this would be a good place to escape the crowds, as this is billed as an underappreciated attraction in the Auckland area. There were plenty of folks there on this Sunday, including Auckland Council representatives to monitor the shoe cleaning, but it's a mellow scene. This hike is about being in the forest, and although you climbing quite a bit, often on steps, it is not really about the views. It was off and on raining today, which I think is part of the deal here. I went around the loop in the clockwise direction, but got the sense that everyone else was going counterclockwise. You will get to the high-point of the trail in 2 miles if you go that way.

Would definitely recommend this walk. The 9.15 ferry was quite full and we though we were going to be walking with many people on the track. We decided to take the track to Islington bay first. The lava masses is a real sight. Honestly we must of seen only half a dozen people on our way and a couple behind us. My husband wore his tramping boots and I wore my sneakers. Because of the loose lava I would recommend an ankle boot as a few times I rolled on my ankle. We also did the walk to Boulder (Shipwreck) bay which was a little more tricky on foot but worth the visit. We stopped and had lunch there. From there we headed back on to the main track and the walk to the summit. We were grateful for a warm but cloudy day. We loved every bit and would be recommending this to anyone that wants to this iconic island in the flesh.

bridge out
23 days ago

I was under pressure to finish the trail before sunsets. I managed to finish it in 40 mins. It was great experience!! Loved it.

My favorite. Quite balanced track.

short walk full of stepcases. great scenic view.

Excellent walk. Very enjoyable under the trees and love the trees and nature. Info says 3 hours but with a good pace you can do it in 2

great hike!
we done it with my 3 month old and 2 year old.
very nice views and good parking.

28 days ago

Good scenery and adventure. ballsed up the recording a bit so it appears we teleported. Its a nice little saunter.

Swam under the waterfall, brain freeze in my nards.

28 days ago

went here today with my partner in the rain and was a blast of a walk. loved the views of the dam! and all the little peeps of how high you were through bush gappings. definitely recommend doing this walk, excellent beginners track.

29 days ago

My first track in New Zealand. 5/5*

Enjoyed it! Short and intense. Loved the view from the top. Also good for a quick cardio session.

Great trail, starts to get a bit steeper towards the end but not to difficult and the views at the summit are worth it.

Dont forget water and food as there are no shops!

really awesome walk plus they have upgraded the track its an all-weather hike and very safe

nice hike

no shade
1 month ago

this hike is breathtaking!
the views are amazing ! definently a 5 out of 5.
make sure you bring good shoes, a hat and plenty of water.

Great walk- best to prepare to get wet! Lots of river crossings and some cool waterfalls to jump off!!
Stairs at both ends will test your cardio!! Hi

no shade
1 month ago

not a bad hike, good for the family, nice walk and scenery.

good track. nice and cool under the trees. great lookout spot just before the resovior and lots of space to stop and have lunch at the resovior.
only thing I don't like is the steps leading down to the creek need a bit of maintenance as they are a tripping hazard and I wish they would build a bridge at the creek because the rocks are slippery.

this is a great workout, the stairs can be pretty tiering, the waterfall is beautiful, but not really swimmerble.
the scenery was mostlythe same, that's why I'm rating it a 3
I have been on better hikes.
still enjoyable and worth doing
I like that there's decent amount of shade during the hike.

Unreal... river was low so followed it for ages. Awesome falls & pools

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