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#1 - Achterveld naar Spakenburg
Achterveld, Utrecht, Netherlands
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Length: 14.3 mi • Est. 5 h 55 m
Estate, Vinex and the tranquility of the Ooster and Arkemheensepolder. A remarkable stage with great contrasts between nature and human intervention in that nature. Start in Achterveld: a rustic, but unique place in the Gelderse valley. It is namely a Catholic enclave in a predominantly strict Protestant Christian environment. From Achterveld, cross the Barneveldse Beek, one of the many canalized Veluwe streams that have to drain the water, and pass the Stoutenburg estate, which was founded in the 13th century by the schout van Eemland. The Utrecht border runs here along many railways (A1 and A28) that connect Utrecht with the east. Then have to cross a viaduct through Hoevelaken (known for its traffic square) to the north to Huis Hoevelaken with a fantastic long backyard. Already in the 14th century the land was sold to a lord of Gelre, so it came to lie in Gelderland. The area is 400 meters wide and 3 km long and runs exactly in the right direction. The Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten (that of the healthy mortgages) is currently the owner. Again you will have to break a railroad and highway and then you will end up in a fairly futuristic area of Amersfoort: A completely new Vinex neighborhood (Vathorst) with ultra modern houses that look old-fashioned, a new NS station and a wide boulevard. Nothing is left of the original landscape. There are around 10,000 new homes for 30,000 residents. It is therefore quite a peace if you can follow the Laak after about 2 kilometers. It is a drainage channel, which has already been planned for various recreational purposes. A double-lane highway cycle path is already ready. Fortunately, the eastern part of the Laak has been declared a protected nature area. In the spring you see many meadow birds (Lapwing, Black-tailed Godwit, Swans) and as long as you don't look back (Vathorst) nature is beautiful here. After about four kilometers across the quays, the eastern border of Utrecht has settled and you arrive at the Nauw van Nijkerk. Where the Zuiderzee used to be. During the night of 13 to 14 January 1916, the dikes broke through here and it was decided to close off the Zuiderzee (1932). The fishermen in Spakenburg did not like that. Nevertheless, Spakenburg has the largest (highly reorganized) fleet that goes offshore. Spakenburgers are now mainly in the fish and bread trade. In all markets you will find a Spakenburger or someone from Bakkerij het Stoepje. Spakenburger are on average Christian, but by no means the same as in Urk. It is pretty much the Christian Union against the SGP. And the nice thing about those conservative places is that you see traditional clothing. In 2008, 300 women were still walking around. The BRIC disease is an interesting phenomenon. This is also called Spakenburg disease because it occurs more than average here. BRIC is a metabolic disease that is accompanied by terrible itching attacks. Because of the close family relationships, the BRIC gene is more likely here than elsewhere.Show more