Photos of Cities in Province 1

Last year myself and a group of friends from Ireland led by Mike O’Shea and the amazing Ascent Himalayas (Sherpa’s) hiked to EBC.

I have to give special mention Furtemba Sherpa and my sincere thanks to all the sherpa team for making this journey safe and so memorable. They are unbelievable athletes.

9 days up 3.5 down.. The scariest flight in my entire life... always sit on the left hand side of the plane!!

The people, the views, everything is is amazing!! I’m so so so happy I did it and will do it again sometime... it’s simply amazing.

We did it in November and route was busy but it was phenomenal.

Yes it’s hard, it’s has many challenging aspects but that’s life!!!

Just do it!! No regrets at all

Nepal is a cracking country!