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Awesome trail. Bring lots apples and carrots for the horses. They look underfed and overworked. Ask for nacho he will show you a second waterfall. Must buy a drink to see waterfall, it is in a restaurant. 2$usd for water per person.

Nice walk along the ocean. Very easy walk or bike path. Great finished project!

Great views. Path has been greatly improved. Anyone who can do stairs should hike this. Take water and go early in the day!

4 days ago

Beautiful trail. Not too hard of a hike. Lots of switchbacks. Normally coming down hurts my knees pretty bad, but this trail wasn’t too hard on them!

Very nice trail with great views along the way. Deer spotted. Parking can be an issue, found a pull off about a 1/4 mi south of the trail head.

6 days ago

It’s a moderately difficult hike for us older folks, but once you get past the switchbacks the views are easy to get to and amazing.

Great hike with great views. It was challenging but a good one. You can get a similar view from the (closed) teleférico station about 1/3-1/2 of the way up, so if you are feeling really challenged you can stop there. We went early one morning and some of the paved parts of the trail were quite slippery, but other than that it was great. A couple of things to note:

1- If you go early in the morning, there are police guarding the entrance, so unless you want to pay a 100 peso "tip" (around $5) to park inside as a "resident" you will need to allow some extra time to find nearby free street parking and walk up the steep hill.
2- If you go early in the morning, same police at the entrance of the road will not allow you to take your dogs on the trail. If you have a good Spanish level, you can wait for them to offer you to pay a "tip" of 100 pesos to let the dogs go to the trail. Be warned, however, that there could be more issues later. A police car with two officers stopped us right before the trail (after paying the "tip") and would not let us enter the trail and also threatened that if we did enter later we could be reported. They parked and got out of their cars and waited for quite a long time at the trail (while we unsuccessfully tried to find other routes to access the trail without them seeing). It's possible that one of the neighbors in the fancy neighborhood called them. Anyway, after hiking back down to the entrance and explaining to the original cop we "tipped", he told us to go back up and quickly, so we did and we were able to hike the whole thing with no problems. We saw a few other people on the trail with their dogs (all friendly and well behaved) and figured they either did the same thing or came later. When we finished hiking about 6 hours later, there was no road block and no cop at the entrance, so anyone could get in.

This hike was challenging and we took quite a few breaks. It ended up taking us a little less than 6 hours and was around 6 miles round trip. We are in pretty good shape and hike fairly regularly and work out regularly, so just be prepared that it could take a little longer than you might expect, but overall is a great hike.

We just did part of this hike from Las Animas to the Cuale Waterfall at Quimixto. It took about 20 minutes and was well worth it! The waterfall was gorgeous and even had a natural water slide. The water was a bit cold but we all went for a dip before having a bite to eat at the restaurant. People can also rent horses to take them up to the waterfall, but this meant that there was a lot of horse poo on the trail - watch your step!

This trail was absolutely amazing! We took the orange bus from where we were staying outside Mismaloya to Boca (10 pesos/person). After getting off the bus, we walked down the steep cobblestone road and over a walking bridge to get to the other side of the small cove. The trial started out by leading us past some villas and houses, then it went through the woods for a while. It got steep fairly quickly and there are a lot of stairs. I would definitely recommend wearing tennis shoes and not any type of sandals. The trail poked out at Colomitos Cove. The view was absolutely breathtaking, with crystal clear blue water. This beach is pretty small and there were not very many people. At this point the trail crosses the sand and there is a fairly big rock close to where the waves break that you have to climb up to follow the path. This was the only part of the hike where we weren’t sure where to go - make sure you go close to the surf (we had to go one at a time to make sure the waves didn’t get our shoes wet). After this part of the hike, most of the trial followed closely along the beach. For a lot of it there was a rock path, and for some we walked through the sand. We crossed several fantastic white sand beaches with nobody on them (Escondida, Caballo, Troza), hotels right on the water, and even a large bar/restaurant that looked like a very nice place to stop for a drink. In the end, we ended up at Las Animas beach which had several restaurants, shops, beach chairs, and boats. In total, the 2.9 mile hike took us 1.5 hours at a moderate pace, including stops to take pictures. We spent several hours at Las Animas before taking a water taxi back to Boca (40 pesos a person). If you are staying near Mismaloya, I definitely recommend taking some time to do this hike!

Great paved loop through large park/forest in Mexico City. Easy walk from hotels or nearby train stations. I woke up early to run in the morning and there were several runners circling as well, but the loop is very crowded mid-day on the weekends. While the path is paved and easy to run, the cobble stone could be rough for a bike or stroller, although that is typical in the city.

Muy buena vista en la cima, también hay animales en los alrededores, el camino esta hecho de piedras, es algo incómodo, pero dentro de todo buena experiencia. Definitivamente lo haría de nuevo.

This is an enjoyable little hike that takes you up to the lighthouse (El Faro de Mazatlán) which has been renovated over the last years. A good early morning or sunset workout not sure I would recommend it during the very hot and sunny hours of the day since there's not a lot of shade along the way. It is highly trafficked during most holidays. There's sitting area and trees at the top to rest and catch your breath (if needed) It provides great scenic views of the ocean, islands and the city. If you like a workout, fresh air and great views you will really enjoy it!!


If you like to hike on motorways, go ahead. It's true that tulum and Playa del Carmen are amazing, but the road to go from one point to another, is not really made for hiking. It's actually quiet dangerous.

potentially a great walk but let down by very poor signage. Ended up on a ranch at the end of the canyon.

15 days ago

Amazing trail, but the parking lot fills up fast. Plan to get their shortly after sunrise if you want a spot!! The trail can get pretty crowded too.

16 days ago

After the first half, this trail is basically a staircase up to the top. The view from the top is fantastic! You can see all around. To be honest it was a little difficult to tell where the trail ended. It was a little cold and windy at the top, but that’s to be expected in January.

Enrique was a fantastic guide as we did the first hike of the year up the mountain. His energy and spirituality, along with his dogs that escorted us up the hill, really made this a unique experience. This hike was the highlight of our trip.

There is no cost to the hike, but please leave Enrique a generous tip. He is a good man doing good things.

Great trails, had an amazing observation tower between the willow lakes and pintail lakes trails. Also one that had a bridge so had fun with the group. Went on New Years day, during the government shut down so visitors center was closed, and some of the trails hadn't been cleared of downed trees, but nothing that couldn't be easily worked around. Overall, great experience.

Really fun hike. You get a lot of “bang for your buck” with this hike because it is not as remote or long as other hikes in the area, but you get to see great views and lots of flora and and some fauna (if you’re lucky!)

Don’t miss this one if you come to Big Bend!

Easy to get in but since it is private be sure to tip the property owner. Dogs are friendly. Some of the best views I have ever seen. I was fortunate to see a whale breach out in the distance as well. I’m a fluffy guy and I can do it. It’s not terribly hard just wear good shoes no sandals. Harder to come down the going going up.

18 days ago

The signs for the trail head were all blown away and the directions from Google or AllTrails used sent us the wrong direction. We ended up parking and hiking accross some terrain and merging into the correct trail. It was COLD, the actual hike was STEEP and the views were incredible! We lost daylight really fast so we couldn't spend a lot of time at top. For the sake of time we ended up hiking out by going over the SW face. It was slightly like rock climbing. Spectacular sunset.

19 days ago

Very hard, lots of different terrains. From big round boulders to sharp stacked rocks, sand walls and dust paths.
I definitely got altitude sick, but an amazing experience.
I went with a guide, and used more water then expected.

I did this trail trail as my first higher altitude hike. The views are breathtaking. You drive up to the edge of the krater and walk in to the crater and climb up to the top.
It’s way down is one long steep “path” straight down over loose gravel and rock which will take every last bit of energy from the upper legs.
Going down with the car I got a splitting headache from the big altitude change over too short of a time.

19 days ago

Excelente paseo!!No está muy bien señalado la entrada, pero enfrente hay un estacionamiento con varios restaurantes, puede hacerse completo en 3 horas, el camino es muy bonito.

20 days ago

I would not consider this a medium difficulty hike, compared to the ones I’ve done in the US. I would rate this as hard.
I hiked this trail in winter time and enjoyed it a lot. The forest and the view at the summit are gorgeous.

20 days ago

Done this many times... Even before any hotels were on the beach. Not the same anymore.

Love this trail! This is the second time doing it and it was just as amazing as the first time!

22 days ago

We hiked this trail Dec 10, 2018.
Easy in the beginning, gets harder towards the end. Step, very uneven surface rocks. The top, it’s almost a plateau, you can safely walk on top of the trail and view different angles of the mountains. Definitely worth another visit later on!

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