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Did a portion of this while on vacation in 2004

Worst trail suggestion I’ve ever done. I was hoping to come to a clean waterfall at the end, but it was an entrance to the waterfall park where you have to wear a life vest no matter if you’re a strong swimmer. So, you have to pay for the vest and the entrance fee. We didn’t end up going in, managed to find another waterfall along the way. Wasn’t the cleanest with the Alge growing on the edge, but we still went in as it is 40 degrees.

This is an amazing climb! Jelly legs after!

11 months ago

nice and beautiful.

If you like to hike on motorways, go ahead. It's true that tulum and Playa del Carmen are amazing, but the road to go from one point to another, is not really made for hiking. It's actually quiet dangerous.

My husband and I have done this drive twice. the coastal views from the road are fantastic. This drive is for adventurers who want to get off the beaten path and away from all the chaos. The road is bumpy in places and ALL dirt. It was adequately maintained for travel in most vehicles. We will likely take this road on our next trip with my mother and brother next week.

Did this hike in June and it rained for a week straight but wouldn't have it ant other way! The rain made it that more great of an experience but did make the steps up to the ruins a bit slippery but we took our time and made it!

I decided to walk better than drive on this incredible road contemplating the beautiful landscape full of plants and trees. The countryside, the waterfalls and the pools are a fascinating natural beauty, I really enjoyed this incredible place. I will definitely come back again.

Amazing Canopy views!!

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Sun May 07 2017

Just did this drive and tour of the ruins 4/28/17. The drive from Playacar, which is where we stayed, was easy. 4 lane road the whole way. Rented a car and did our own thing that day. Tulum was awesome right on the coast. We hopped on the shuttle they have from the village area where you park to the ruins. Saves having to walk about a half mile each way in the heat and humidity. Doesn't take long to do the walk around the ruins, but be prepared for lots of people. Crowded to the max. Did not go to gran cenote though. Planned on it but ran out of time. This is a great day trip if you're in Playa. Worth doing for sure.

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Wed Jan 18 2017

Awesome drive along the lower east cape of Baja from San Jose Del Cabo to La Ribera that I've done a couple of times. The 1st was with my brother and a good friend and more than a few beers and a few fishing poles with a few stops along the way. The 2nd time was in 2010 with my wife. She didn't have as much fun because the road is all dirt and road maintenance in Mexico is usually done "manana" and that can be a day, week or a year depending on who's talking... The highlight with my wife was when she saw some burros eating out of a roadside garbage can and told me to stop. When I did 2 burros tried to stick their heads in her window at the same time. One succeeded while I was about to die laughing as she was yelling "drive, drive,drive". The burro manged to get her sandwich out of her lap but missed the beer... The last time through they had built a lot of little beach shaded palapas along the water. The map is outdated and doesn't show a new marina at La Ribera as well even since I made the drive last...

unbelievable. Do it. The water is so beautiful and the ruins are stunninh

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Sun Aug 21 2016

Amazing ruins to hike through, Stunning Ocean color, Fun shops. Long day driving there and back especially if you ferry over from Cozumel

3 months ago

ohv/off road driving
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8 months ago

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