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off trail
3 days ago

Extremely nice trail with a lot of colorful bugs and a deer crossing

over grown
1 month ago

1 month ago

Simply the way is certainly not for the untrained, you should definitely go up in the cooler time of day ... take water! But it is worth it to "climb" to the very end! So continue from the sign "At your own risk" .... Great! Sturdy shoes are a must! We have seen many animals ...

2 months ago

great view at the top, Easy and short trail

This hike starts out with a slight grade on volcanic cobble stones and becomes more difficult as you hike. wear appropriate footwear! Lots of Opuntia Stretacantha, Blue Myrtle-Cactus, and acacia. I saw many butterflies including Brush- footed Butterflies, Gulf Fritillary, Little Yellow, and Southern Dogface. I also encountered Domestic Cattle, Domestic Goats, and sheepdogs. Great hike!

We stayed overnight in Pinal de Amoles and drove the next morning to Puente de Dios-Rio Escanela for the hike. Our party included a senior, two adults, one pre-teen, and one youngun'. We paid the fee to park and ther fee for the young guide. She was mediocre and relatively uninformed about the history of the silver mine ast the entrance and about floors and fauna. She was also only monolingual Spanish-speaking. The hike was amazing with spectacular views of Rio Escanela, many varieties of butterflies, and then the elevated walkway above the river. Take bathing suits and swim when necessary or desired. Take sufficient water. Request a knowledgeable, multilingual guide if necessito.

3 months ago

Excellent, strenuous hike for my daughter, age 37, granddaughter, age 11, and me, age 66. Warm, clear weather with thunderstorms predicted and moving in to Bernal. Left the son-in-law and granddaughter, age 4, at the base. Excellent views of Bernal and surrounds, many varieties of cacti, and various wildflowers in bloom. We made it part way due to the steep climb and the heat. Would retry in cooler weather during peak wildflower or peak cactus bloom. We would take more water and lunch. ♡♡♡♡♡

on Peña de Bernal

4 months ago

Good views, we made it a lot of people a Sunday.

5 months ago

Super easy trail and beautiful views. It is a great spot for camping. For those who would like to visit, my name is Brooklynn and I run a non profit organization and I come here and sponsor the people who live in this location. I take trips here once every two months, we have a community day involved with some teaching, events, donations and we finish the day with some awesome camping and views. Email me if interested. Noble Brooklynn@gmail.com

5 months ago

Awesome! Because I live here in Qro, I have hiked this about 5 times now and they just rebuilt some easier walkways. It costs $30 pesos now to enter I believe but it’s worth it so they can keep maintaining it.

It is a full contact of nature. The views are incredible! It is not an easy route if you have to know how to ride a bike and have a condition. But it's a worthwhile experience!

Wonderful views, the path takes you through a diversity of landscapes that make it a magical place.

6 months ago

This is a short trail with amazing views. There was an abundance of wildlife the day I went, including a small juvenile cascabel/rattlesnake under a fire pit rock near the camping area. There was a 20 peso entrance fee that goes to the small remote village on the mountain. The drive to the trailhead from Queretaro was beautiful as well.

nature trips
8 months ago

It’s an amazing place to go take pictures of the sunrise, at 2727 meters above the sea level, between the desert and the forest, amazing views and nice spot for birdwatching, I strongly suggest to hire a local guide in the nearby town of Pinal de Amoles because of the road without any directions on how to arrive to the lookout.

no shade
10 months ago

Easy hike with some good views.

Very good view on the top, there are also animals in the vicinity, the road is made of stones, it is somewhat uncomfortable, but within all good experience. I would definitely do it again.

Mon Nov 19 2018

Fun, family Many people

One of the most amazing hikes I’ve ever been on in my life! The river was crystal clear and the falls were breathtaking! We visited the area on a week day and stay at the hotel near the trailhead. We started our hike at 8:00 a.m. and only encountered a solo hiker and a small group of 3 hikers on the way back! The majority of the hike we ended up having this amazing place to ourselves. The 4 mile RT hike will take you in the primarily through the water! We took our shoes off and hike barefoot, but I recommend water shoes! We brought our own, but the locals sell them at the trailhead as well! Take your time and enjoy one of Mother Natures natural marvels! Israel & Kelly - California U.S.A

Thu Jul 19 2018

I’m in love with Bernal nice walk (intrepid) with nice views! Enjoy the fresh air!

Nice views before you reach the top also it’s another cool view of the city, the stone tracks makes a little hard the beginning, enjoy the walk!

This is a nice and easy trail that goes inside of a wonderful place full of vegetation and trees, and with a beautiful river of clear and fresh water. Wonderful views!

Wed May 23 2018

I decided to visit the Sótano del Barro and see the guacamayas (macaws) leaving the cave. To do this, I had to leave at 2am from Jalpan de Serra to get to the trailhead on time to start walking and be ready at the sinkhole before the sunrise. Hiking in the dark and on a sloping trail was an exciting experience for me, I had to use a headlamp to see the path but it was easy with the help of the guide. Once at the top, and contemplating the sinkhole, the beautiful landscape and the flight of the macaws, I felt it was worth the effort.

Fri May 18 2018

We left Jalpan de Serra at 4:30am to be on time for the sunrise at el Mirador 4 Palos. We parked the car at the small community of 4 Palos where we had to pay a fee, then we walked up in the dark using headlamps, these were very exciting moments! Once on the summit, still in the dark, we waited for the sunrise contemplating a wonderful landscape full of beautiful colors. I have no words to describe how beautiful the landscape looked when the sunrise started, the colors were changing at each moment in any direction, it was something exciting, incredible! Definitely I will come back again!

Beautiful and not as hard as it is rated!

Beautiful view and surrounding vegetation! The road is a little uncomfortable to walk on at parts as it is similar to cobblestone, but the view is worth it!

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