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Amazing trail around the “Nevado de Toluca”. It’s an inactive volcano with a couple of lagoons on its crater

Great hike! Just make sure you get used to the altitude. I am a regular hiker and had a hard a time trying to breath because I am not used to the altitude of Toluca.

23 days ago

Divertido, familiar. Mucha gente

One of the most amazing hikes I’ve ever been on in my life! The river was crystal clear and the falls were breathtaking! We visited the area on a week day and stay at the hotel near the trailhead. We started our hike at 8:00 a.m. and only encountered a solo hiker and a small group of 3 hikers on the way back! The majority of the hike we ended up having this amazing place to ourselves. The 4 mile RT hike will take you in the primarily through the water! We took our shoes off and hike barefoot, but I recommend water shoes! We brought our own, but the locals sell them at the trailhead as well! Take your time and enjoy one of Mother Natures natural marvels!
Israel & Kelly - California U.S.A

1 month ago

Relatively easy trail, few people early in the morning.

1 month ago

Amazing views. Well marked and people will help with directions if needed

on Sendero Jaguar

2 months ago

This is a fun trail through the forest down to the river and back to the gardens.

This is the third time I visit the Nevado de Toluca, now walking the entire crater on the top. This is a difficult but very rewarding journey. Once at the top you can contemplate an incredible landscape.

La vista es muy bonita, si deseas una caminata corta el carro puede llegar prácticamente hasta las faldas del cerro, o la puedes hacer mas larga, se requiere tener un poco de condición fisica aun con la caminata corta.

3 months ago

You need a moderate condition and a powerful mind to reach the top, the view right there is amazing.

This was a good hike but my mistake was trying to follow the previous map. This is a big park with many trails - some are marked well and others not so well. They are used alot by mountain bikers so they really go all over the place. I even found the marking posts confusing. Finally said "to heck with it" and just followed the trails we happened upon.
Other than that, I would go back there again and forge my own hike.

Agradable, vistas muy bonitas, corto con poca dificultad ¡muy recomendado!

Muy bonito Sendero, ligero, con muy bonitas vistas. Ideal para recorrerlo por las mañanas o con la puesta del sol.

3 months ago

This is a trail through a beautiful forest. We started very early in the morning and we saw a wonderful landscape at sunrise. The difficult area begins at the end of the forest, sandy and rocky but not difficult. Once at the top, I could contemplate a wonderful landscape and also the volcanoes Pico de Orizaba, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl among others, being there was an unforgettable experience.

No para principiantes vista espectacular

4 months ago

We spend the night at La Joya near the trailhead to start the trip the next day at 2 am. That night there was an electric storm that did not let us rest but left the mountain all snowy. Due to the snow that almost reached our knees and the lack of sleep, we decided to arrive only to the Refuge. The snowy mountain, something that does not happen frequently, made us enjoy an incredible landscape. We also enjoy the beautiful views of the volcanoes El Popo, La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba. I will definitely go back soon to get to the top.

4 months ago

It’s great but no specific trail to guide you.

This is the second time I visit this beautiful place, the fantastic view of the mountains, the lagoon and also the Iztaccihuatl and El Popocatépetl volcanoes leaves you breathless. A lot of people visit this volcano on weekends. My purpose was to reach the El Fraile, but we took the wrong path, I hope the next time I can do it.

4 months ago

I’m in love with Bernal nice walk (intrepid) with nice views! Enjoy the fresh air!

Nice views before you reach the top also it’s another cool view of the city, the stone tracks makes a little hard the beginning, enjoy the walk!

great trail. it is all uphill until you get near the top... I would rate it as moderate/hard.
trail is clearly marked the entire way.
you will truly get to enjoy the sounds out nature on this trail.

Before I begin, make sure you check out my video of this location here: https://youtu.be/uq33SCfHGiY
as it will really help your understanding of the trail.

This was my first high altitude hike. It's short and straight forward. Bring water and a camera. The hike will take you to some lakes at the top. The drive (from Mexico City) will take longer than the hike. It's colder there than in the city, so bring some warmer clothes and check the weather before you go.

The trail is pretty busy with locals, so you won't be alone which is nice. There is an official that was at the top keeping an eye on things, so you do have help once you get to the view of the lakes if you need anything.

Great hike, I would do it again!

Easy enough for a beginner. it was my first hike up a mountain. Took me about 3 hours. Very easy because there is a road that leads you to the top, but don't be fooled because it's entirely vertical. There are no easy/flat parts. The view from the top at the antenas is well worth it. Hang out with some Coatis if you get the chance they're really cute and really friendly.

Highly recommended. We also went up to the peak. A bit of a slog but well worth it. Going up the gully on the north side of the peak is not pleasant but does not involve the exposed scrambling that is required for accessing from the trail on the south side of the peak.

Loved this hike! Amazing views. Started the hike early in the morning to watch the sun rise. The incline in some areas are steep. Make sure to bring the correct shoes. Overall it was beautiful.

This is a nice and easy trail that goes inside of a wonderful place full of vegetation and trees, and with a beautiful river of clear and fresh water. Wonderful views!

6 months ago

I decided to visit the Sótano del Barro and see the guacamayas (macaws) leaving the cave. To do this, I had to leave at 2am from Jalpan de Serra to get to the trailhead on time to start walking and be ready at the sinkhole before the sunrise. Hiking in the dark and on a sloping trail was an exciting experience for me, I had to use a headlamp to see the path but it was easy with the help of the guide. Once at the top, and contemplating the sinkhole, the beautiful landscape and the flight of the macaws, I felt it was worth the effort.

6 months ago

We left Jalpan de Serra at 4:30am to be on time for the sunrise at el Mirador 4 Palos. We parked the car at the small community of 4 Palos where we had to pay a fee, then we walked up in the dark using headlamps, these were very exciting moments! Once on the summit, still in the dark, we waited for the sunrise contemplating a wonderful landscape full of beautiful colors. I have no words to describe how beautiful the landscape looked when the sunrise started, the colors were changing at each moment in any direction, it was something exciting, incredible! Definitely I will come back again!

Tough hike for a hot day! Very few switchbacks, almost straight up! Great views of the city below all the way up however. Well used by a lot of people of all ages, even on the Wednesday afternoon that I went. Beautiful blooming cactus and a friendly raccoon that met me up top!

on Malinche

7 months ago

Nice altitude climb. Relatively easy compared to the other volcanoes

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