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Marvelous overlook of the entire city. Not hard to find. Shaded, green trail. The area has many more trails of varying difficulty.

I wish i had this before the hike: https://www.chipinque.org.mx

Hotel Chipinique is a good location to Uber to, 5 min from trailhead. Trick is that Uber may not be able to pick you back up. We arranged with our Uber driver to pick us back up at a set time. Another alternative would have been to walk or hitch the apx 7km (?) downhill back to the park entrance to order a return Uber ride from there.

Restaurant, hotel, and snackbar within 5 min of trailhead. Today (sunday) restaurant had buffet only.

Great hike with great views. It was challenging but a good one. You can get a similar view from the (closed) teleférico station about 1/3-1/2 of the way up, so if you are feeling really challenged you can stop there. We went early one morning and some of the paved parts of the trail were quite slippery, but other than that it was great. A couple of things to note:

1- If you go early in the morning, there are police guarding the entrance, so unless you want to pay a 100 peso "tip" (around $5) to park inside as a "resident" you will need to allow some extra time to find nearby free street parking and walk up the steep hill.
2- If you go early in the morning, same police at the entrance of the road will not allow you to take your dogs on the trail. If you have a good Spanish level, you can wait for them to offer you to pay a "tip" of 100 pesos to let the dogs go to the trail. Be warned, however, that there could be more issues later. A police car with two officers stopped us right before the trail (after paying the "tip") and would not let us enter the trail and also threatened that if we did enter later we could be reported. They parked and got out of their cars and waited for quite a long time at the trail (while we unsuccessfully tried to find other routes to access the trail without them seeing). It's possible that one of the neighbors in the fancy neighborhood called them. Anyway, after hiking back down to the entrance and explaining to the original cop we "tipped", he told us to go back up and quickly, so we did and we were able to hike the whole thing with no problems. We saw a few other people on the trail with their dogs (all friendly and well behaved) and figured they either did the same thing or came later. When we finished hiking about 6 hours later, there was no road block and no cop at the entrance, so anyone could get in.

This hike was challenging and we took quite a few breaks. It ended up taking us a little less than 6 hours and was around 6 miles round trip. We are in pretty good shape and hike fairly regularly and work out regularly, so just be prepared that it could take a little longer than you might expect, but overall is a great hike.

Trail con excelente vista en mirador!!

Easy enough for a beginner. it was my first hike up a mountain. Took me about 3 hours. Very easy because there is a road that leads you to the top, but don't be fooled because it's entirely vertical. There are no easy/flat parts. The view from the top at the antenas is well worth it. Hang out with some Coatis if you get the chance they're really cute and really friendly.

Loved this hike! Amazing views. Started the hike early in the morning to watch the sun rise. The incline in some areas are steep. Make sure to bring the correct shoes. Overall it was beautiful.

Tough hike for a hot day! Very few switchbacks, almost straight up! Great views of the city below all the way up however. Well used by a lot of people of all ages, even on the Wednesday afternoon that I went. Beautiful blooming cactus and a friendly raccoon that met me up top!

It was my first hike ever. The view from up there it’s definitely worth it. Although I must admit that I didn’t fully complete it as my group decided to only go as far as the vacant Cableway.

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