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Baja California, Mexico Map
29 days ago

This trail was STEEP! It was COLD! The views were AMAZING! Highly recommend this trail to hikers up for a bit of a challenge

washed out
1 month ago

What an excellent workout, with a hike like this, just living is not enough❤️ the trail has two beautiful options for a small break on your way up, one will be under gorgeous oak trees. The scenery colors were amazing, it just had rained in the passed weeks so I got lucky with beautiful greens and blues of the sky and sea.

potentially a great walk but let down by very poor signage. Ended up on a ranch at the end of the canyon.

1 month ago

The signs for the trail head were all blown away and the directions from Google or AllTrails used sent us the wrong direction. We ended up parking and hiking accross some terrain and merging into the correct trail. It was COLD, the actual hike was STEEP and the views were incredible! We lost daylight really fast so we couldn't spend a lot of time at top. For the sake of time we ended up hiking out by going over the SW face. It was slightly like rock climbing. Spectacular sunset.

Omg just drive it up, you’d still get the beautiful scenery. It’s too dangerous!

3 months ago

La vista es muy bonita, si deseas una caminata corta el carro puede llegar prácticamente hasta las faldas del cerro, o la puedes hacer mas larga, se requiere tener un poco de condición fisica aun con la caminata corta.

This was a good hike but my mistake was trying to follow the previous map. This is a big park with many trails - some are marked well and others not so well. They are used alot by mountain bikers so they really go all over the place. I even found the marking posts confusing. Finally said "to heck with it" and just followed the trails we happened upon.
Other than that, I would go back there again and forge my own hike.

Agradable, vistas muy bonitas, corto con poca dificultad ¡muy recomendado!

Muy bonito Sendero, ligero, con muy bonitas vistas. Ideal para recorrerlo por las mañanas o con la puesta del sol.

Realice este recorrido con un club de Tijuana, es un recorrido corto de aprox 5 km, por el cañon pero muy emocionante, desde la bajada al cañon(muy resbalosa), como los senderos en el mismo, hay que brincar rocas, hasta la salida tiene lo suyo y claro esto con un paisaje hermoso en todo el recorrido. Hay que llevar cuerdas y tratar de ir con alguien que ya lo conozca.

short, but clean and rather pretty

No para principiantes vista espectacular

9 months ago

It’s scary AF but I managed to finished it.the wind blows decent enough throw you off the cliff. So be careful at midpoint for that. There’s a song about el cerro del centinela. Listen to it first before hiking the ancient guardian!

Thursday, October 05, 2017

I made this hike in september from La Mision to El Porvenir and have to say that is a good hike for training and exercise(need good condition), but in my opinion there isn't anything interesting to see.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

This Trail has lots of surprises, initially with an uphill very tough; once you get to the flat surface after this we had some bushwhacking. You have one cave once the Rock formations start. The interesting part there is lots of butterflies and mosquitoes on the very top.
Second opinion by Alan Antares: It’s a good Trail for training, to begin you will have a steep slope followed by flat-topped mountain where you could see lots of desert vegetation all the way to the top, also you can have a wonderful morning view of Tijuana City and some part of the San Diego CA Area.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

This trail is awsome for training tough peaks . It has pretty tough trails that are no marked, all tough you can walk thru the river and rocks. Getting to the peak is about an hour of pure upward trail.
It has nice views, lots of vegetation and flowers. lots of bugs, specially millipede and spiders.

3 months ago

5 months ago

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