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When driving, follow signs for the nature preserve- it will be slightly off course from how Google maps will route you. $6 entry fee per person, they accept American dollars or pesos. Clean bathrooms at the lodge and additional restrooms on the trail. Trail itself is fairly short but steep right into the canyon. Sneakers are ideal, but could be done in flip flops as well.

Waterfall itself is beautiful but small. The water itself is cool, clean and great for swimming. We overall had a great time but not sure if it's worth the 1.5 hr drive from Cabo San Lucas.

Enrique was a fantastic guide as we did the first hike of the year up the mountain. His energy and spirituality, along with his dogs that escorted us up the hill, really made this a unique experience. This hike was the highlight of our trip.

There is no cost to the hike, but please leave Enrique a generous tip. He is a good man doing good things.

14 days ago

This trail actually goes further than the map shows if you cross the river at the second crossing and follow the foot prints. Hopefully someone will map the rest. An amazing hike that most people miss because they only stop 1/4 mile in for the waterfall.

Easy to get in but since it is private be sure to tip the property owner. Dogs are friendly. Some of the best views I have ever seen. I was fortunate to see a whale breach out in the distance as well. I’m a fluffy guy and I can do it. It’s not terribly hard just wear good shoes no sandals. Harder to come down the going going up.

Done this many times... Even before any hotels were on the beach. Not the same anymore.

Just completed this hike yesterday for sunset and it was beautiful. I uploaded a photo to show where the hike meets because I had a hard time finding it but it truly is across from the Navy Base at a dog kennel. I told my taxi driver to take me to the Navy Base. Enrique owns the kennel and is a really nice, friendly person and leaves every day at 9:30 and 4:30 to take people up telling stories of the mountains history and Cabos history along the way. If you’re lucky some of his dogs will come with you! THIS IS HIS PRIVATE PROPERTY, so if you’re going to do this, do it with him. Don’t be disrespectful and hop his fences. We saw multiple people doing it and it bothers him.

The hike itself is not too long. He gives you time to breathe by stopping to tell stories. There’s some climbing, I used my hands for some steeper sections and it’s definitely a harder hike but the views are incredible. Would recommend if you’re in Cabo, just make sure you are at his property and not hoping his fence, cause that’s not cool and he’s really nice to guide people up his property. The activity is FREE, but I would tip to show gratitude. Enjoy!

Now personally i am taking the groups, since December 3rd 2018 as I started 4 years ago.
During this time we opened de gate for the public and you could do it at any time in the stablished hours between.
Now we needed to do again the guided hikes, doing just the ones We decided to offer to the public.
As a private property we put the new rules.
You can not go down from the hill to divorced beach,
If you want to take the hiking is going to be just joining the group, you do not need get booked, get the gate before 9:30 am any day the 345 days during the year ( it is going to be closed for vacation once a year )
For December season I decided to open a second hike for to see the sunset ( get the gate at 4:30 pm )
I read a review where some people were chase by the dogs, it is normal if you didn’t get by the gate. What did you expect to happen? Obviously the dogs are for protect from trespassers,
For any more info, please, contact me .
624 1221316 call, WhatsApp, or email enriquesri@icloud.com
And still a free activity, for anyone who wants to enjoy a life experience.

Watch out for the dogs at the end of the trail. My friend and I were attacked at the end of the hike by town, by a bunch of dogs as we were trapped by a tall barbed wire fence. Would have been a very bad situation with kids. If you do this hike start from the town side and negotiate a ransom I mean a fee with the land owner.

Today 12/3 was the first time Enrique lead a group up to the top since mid November. He met us at his gate at 9:30 AM and guided the hike. We stopped multiple times to talk about the area, the history etc. We also got a lot on life philosophy.

The hike was a bit rugged in places and there are trails running in all directions. We were lead up to the top and enjoyed the views and stories. Coming back down the trail was very hard to make out and I even got a little kiss from a cactus.

Along the way we did encounter trespassers. It was a great reminder that this is private property that needs to be respected.

There was no charge for the hike but a tip is highly encouraged.

We came to the trailhead at ~4:30 pm to try to catch the sunset from the peak. Unfortunately the gate was locked and there was a note on the gate saying hikes are guided once per day at 9:30 am. It was not clear whether there was a fee for the tour. So we couldn’t do the hike.

Great hike but beware! We caught a water taxi to lovers beach and hiked to the summit via divorce beach. We continued down to the marina and got cornered by three vicious dogs that bit both of us multiple times. We ended up scaling the barbed wire fence and received further cuts. That said I’d definitely recommend starting at the dog kennels and paying the fee to hike up instead of doing it in reverse!

2 months ago

Incredible little hike. Easy to find trail head you just need to bring $7 per person for a fee. Trail to the waterfall is only about 1/4 mile. There’s a cool little creek and more pools if you go on top of the waterfall and hike around.

This was absolutely beautiful. The hike up is literally like climbing very steep stairs and I was dripping wet when I finally got to the top. This is not for anyone afraid of heights or out of shape. S

Did the red marked trail up to the top of Mt. Solmar and immediately banged my knee on a rock at the top. Careful hopping around up there. I then hiked down the backside along the fence line as another recording suggests. Then followed a steep but easy gully down to Divorce Beach. Tried to walk west through the rocks but tide was a bit high and got spooked. Turned around back to the beach and tried to get a water taxi back to the marina, but seas were too rough. So I got a couple local guys to lead me back through the rocks I had tried before, and they showed me a different way that was higher up and sketchy but not as bad as the path I turned back from before.

Very much worth the effort. Just don't bash your kneecap like I did.

We did this trail on the early morning of January 31, 2017. It was a pretty hard climbing at the very beginning, because the gate was closed, and we went around, from a side where climbing is prohibited. Pretty scary, I should tell you. Don't do this. Better wait for Enrique (the guy who opens the gate, and who is the owner of this land, if I understood it right) to come. He was not happy at all, when we going back THROUGH THE GATE.

Apart from the risky climbing from the wrong (prohibited) side, the trail was 100% worth it! The view from the top was amazing!

The trail was washed away because it rained the day before but we could still find the way thanks to little ribbons on some of the plants. We couldn’t find the way down to the beach but we hiked to the peak and over to the rocky cliffs near the arch. Amazing views but very challenging.

The best views of Baja. The trail can be accessed from the public beach used by the locals close to the marina. The last half of the trail is steep but manageable.

Great hike! Gorgeous panoramic view at the top! Gate open at 8:30am. Bring plenty of water and sunscreens. Go early morning before it gets hot!

Amazing views of Cabo!

Parked at the marina and walked part of it to the trail. Very nice views. Took along a dead phone....no track, no pics. Not my usual...

9 months ago

Dead phone.... no track, no pics. Nice trail system for Baja.

9 months ago

hard and rocky.
beautiful views

Beautiful beach to walk on with a little lagoon as well. There are some B&Bs on the other side of the lagoon. On the little road down you can stop and see Kaia about a horse ride on the beach as well. This one is a little bittersweet for me. I got wrapped up in a wave fishing about 10 yrs ago and it took them 6 1/2 hours stateside to put my leg and knee back together. Came very close to losing it. Beautiful baja day today...

Awesome hike. Accessible not far from Marina, sign on the gate says "Mt Solmar Hike", use small gate on right side, reach in to unlock, tip if you can. Not terribly hard but I hike the Cascades in WA. Doable in Chacos or similar sandles. Careful of cactus. Don't fall at the top, long way down.

10 months ago

Awesome views on this one of the ocean and surrounding area of Todos Santos. Wanted to do the rest of the trail but it was a little tough for my wife. Not most peoples usual idea of a trail... Very rocky with less than desirable footing but worth it. I'll try to go back and do the rest of the trail before I leave.

10 months ago

Awesome walk along the boardwalk and through some shopping areas. We also took in the Whale Museum. This area in La Paz is very beautiful and they work very hard to keep it that way. Every time I have been here there have been many workers raking the sand, sweeping and repairing the sidewalks, etc. There are so many beautiful sculptures all along the water as well. We'll be back in a week!

10 months ago

Parked in the middle and walked both ends of the beach. This is an awesome beach near La Paz past the ferries to the mainland. The water is clear and clean. My wife really enjoys collecting shells on this one which explains our extremely slow pace.

10 months ago

This used to be just for the local fisherman... Just a small little group of fisherman holding on to the old ways of hand lining their fish to make a humble living. Now a good size tourist hotel stole some of their land to make another attraction... Nice little beach. I saw a small group of hikers doing a trail up the mountain that i'll do and post in a few days.

10 months ago

One of my favorite beaches in Baja that I've gone to on my trips over the last dozen years. Today was the 1st time in 6 years and my little secluded beach is no longer secluded so i'll post it... We saw about 15 people walking today and had never before seen more than 3. Most of the time we were completely alone. Everything changes.....

on Cerritos Beach Walk

10 months ago

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