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We did this trail on the early morning of January 31, 2017. It was a pretty hard climbing at the very beginning, because the gate was closed, and we went around, from a side where climbing is prohibited. Pretty scary, I should tell you. Don't do this. Better wait for Enrique (the guy who opens the gate, and who is the owner of this land, if I understood it right) to come. He was not happy at all, when we going back THROUGH THE GATE.

Apart from the risky climbing from the wrong (prohibited) side, the trail was 100% worth it! The view from the top was amazing!

The trail was washed away because it rained the day before but we could still find the way thanks to little ribbons on some of the plants. We couldn’t find the way down to the beach but we hiked to the peak and over to the rocky cliffs near the arch. Amazing views but very challenging.

The best views of Baja. The trail can be accessed from the public beach used by the locals close to the marina. The last half of the trail is steep but manageable.

Great hike! Gorgeous panoramic view at the top! Gate open at 8:30am. Bring plenty of water and sunscreens. Go early morning before it gets hot!

My husband and I have done this drive twice. the coastal views from the road are fantastic. This drive is for adventurers who want to get off the beaten path and away from all the chaos. The road is bumpy in places and ALL dirt. It was adequately maintained for travel in most vehicles. We will likely take this road on our next trip with my mother and brother next week.

Amazing views of Cabo!

trail running
8 months ago

Map is accurate and so are directions.Beautiful views, you can take this trail in to town too at the connection point (there are placards at the top near benches).
Impossible to get lost.
Great run!

A great hike up and over the coastal hills down to the walls of the old port used to ship out sugar. The walls in the Port itself were built in the late 1800's. At one time there were 8 sugar mills loading their product here and sending it out to sea. They lasted until the area ran out of water in the 1950's. Hurricanes have ravaged the road but it is still hikable but a rocky scramble in some areas. Glad I finally got down and walked the ancient walls next to the beautiful little protected bay they were built in.

Parked at the marina and walked part of it to the trail. Very nice views. Took along a dead phone....no track, no pics. Not my usual...

Drove across Baja to visit a friend and do these trails with a dead phone... Great trail system for down here...

9 months ago

Dead phone.... no track, no pics. Nice trail system for Baja.

9 months ago

hard and rocky.
beautiful views

Beautiful beach to walk on with a little lagoon as well. There are some B&Bs on the other side of the lagoon. On the little road down you can stop and see Kaia about a horse ride on the beach as well. This one is a little bittersweet for me. I got wrapped up in a wave fishing about 10 yrs ago and it took them 6 1/2 hours stateside to put my leg and knee back together. Came very close to losing it. Beautiful baja day today...

Awesome hike. Accessible not far from Marina, sign on the gate says "Mt Solmar Hike", use small gate on right side, reach in to unlock, tip if you can. Not terribly hard but I hike the Cascades in WA. Doable in Chacos or similar sandles. Careful of cactus. Don't fall at the top, long way down.

10 months ago

Awesome views on this one of the ocean and surrounding area of Todos Santos. Wanted to do the rest of the trail but it was a little tough for my wife. Not most peoples usual idea of a trail... Very rocky with less than desirable footing but worth it. I'll try to go back and do the rest of the trail before I leave.

10 months ago

Awesome walk along the boardwalk and through some shopping areas. We also took in the Whale Museum. This area in La Paz is very beautiful and they work very hard to keep it that way. Every time I have been here there have been many workers raking the sand, sweeping and repairing the sidewalks, etc. There are so many beautiful sculptures all along the water as well. We'll be back in a week!

10 months ago

Parked in the middle and walked both ends of the beach. This is an awesome beach near La Paz past the ferries to the mainland. The water is clear and clean. My wife really enjoys collecting shells on this one which explains our extremely slow pace.

10 months ago

This used to be just for the local fisherman... Just a small little group of fisherman holding on to the old ways of hand lining their fish to make a humble living. Now a good size tourist hotel stole some of their land to make another attraction... Nice little beach. I saw a small group of hikers doing a trail up the mountain that i'll do and post in a few days.

10 months ago

One of my favorite beaches in Baja that I've gone to on my trips over the last dozen years. Today was the 1st time in 6 years and my little secluded beach is no longer secluded so i'll post it... We saw about 15 people walking today and had never before seen more than 3. Most of the time we were completely alone. Everything changes.....

There is a whole trail system here. Easy climb up in the foothills. You can connect to a few different trails. I took a 6.1 mile trip and it was fantastic.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Awesome views at the top. The hike is not long and pretty easy, a little steep towards the top. We hiked down the back side to Divorce Beach which was a little treacherous, but worth it because there wasn’t that many people there the beach is gorgeous.

Monday, January 08, 2018

Nice quick hike- up and down the other side to Divorce Beach in a little under 1.5 hrs. Little bit technically tricky at times with some slippery gravel areas but overall very doable. Coming down the other side it appears there isn’t a path but if you keep going you will see it. You have to walk around the top to the south side of the summit on a narrow trail and then you will start to see the path down. Looking from the top down it looks like you’ll have to scale a large cliff but when you get closer you see a trail. Once on Divorce beach you can cross over to lovers beach in the sand. Plan to bring cash to take a water taxi back unless you plan to hike all the way back up! Very fun and would recommend highly!

Gate was locked when we tried to go (Sunday). Huge bummer! We will try again tomorrow.

The views are incredible. We did not go to the very top, but enjoyed walking to the cliffs overlooking the beaches.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

It was very difficult for our group to find much info on this trail, so I’ll do my best to add some useful tips, because this is 100% a hike you won’t want to miss.

For starters, the description of the trail entrance is spot on (dog kennel, across from the naval base). Do Not climb through a hole in the fence (that is trespassing). There is a gate directly across from the naval base (where the dog kennel is), and you enter the trail through that gate. There are dogs roaming free inside this gate, so make sure you turn around and latch the gate closed after you enter.

The dog kennel is owned by Enrique, and this is his private property. He is gracious enough to allow people to enter through his private property, but keep that in mind. Due to this, it would be most polite to try to speak with Enrique prior to hiking (He is often on his property so you might be able to catch him when you show up). However, he has posted signs on his gate that welcome you onto his property even if he is not there (he was not there when we did this hike). There is a box atttached to the gate to allow you to give him a tip (you should, again this is his private property).

Follow the dirt road up to the point where it is no longer a road, and then simply follow the orange/yellow trail markers up to the top. The view up top is unmatched, and you won’t regret it! As others have said, pack at least 1-2 water bottles per person, as it is a steep climb (wear hiking shoes!) and it will be hot if it is during the day.

Once you reach the top, you can continue on down the other side and end up at Divorce Beach (this trek is a little bit harder than the way up, but totally worth it to end at the beach). Pack swimming gear and cool off after that great hike! There will be several people at the beach to offer you a water taxi back to the marina

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Trail is great watch out for the dogs there at the kennel they run wild and one bit a good chunk from my calf

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Great view! Except at the top it smells like piss...
One thing is a must is to continue down to Playa del Amor... then pick up a water taxi back... it was nice after a hike in 95 degrees to end it all in the ocean!

thiis was a great hike something to do for free while in cabo try both routes

this was a great hike something to do for free while in cabo

Enrique welcomed me and my family at the gate and showed us which way up to the summit. We ran to the trail head and back so from the Casa Dorada total mileage was 5.5 miles. Perfect workout! I tipped him $10 for 4 of us but I think he would have been happy with anything. I even took a pic with him.

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