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Did this hike in June and it rained for a week straight but wouldn't have it ant other way! The rain made it that more great of an experience but did make the steps up to the ruins a bit slippery but we took our time and made it!

Highly recommended. We also went up to the peak. A bit of a slog but well worth it. Going up the gully on the north side of the peak is not pleasant but does not involve the exposed scrambling that is required for accessing from the trail on the south side of the peak.

Loved this hike! Amazing views. Started the hike early in the morning to watch the sun rise. The incline in some areas are steep. Make sure to bring the correct shoes. Overall it was beautiful.

This is a nice and easy trail that goes inside of a wonderful place full of vegetation and trees, and with a beautiful river of clear and fresh water. Wonderful views!

1 month ago

I decided to visit the Sótano del Barro and see the guacamayas (macaws) leaving the cave. To do this, I had to leave at 2am from Jalpan de Serra to get to the trailhead on time to start walking and be ready at the sinkhole before the sunrise. Hiking in the dark and on a sloping trail was an exciting experience for me, I had to use a headlamp to see the path but it was easy with the help of the guide. Once at the top, and contemplating the sinkhole, the beautiful landscape and the flight of the macaws, I felt it was worth the effort.

We left Jalpan de Serra at 4:30am to be on time for the sunrise at el Mirador 4 Palos. We parked the car at the small community of 4 Palos where we had to pay a fee, then we walked up in the dark using headlamps, these were very exciting moments! Once on the summit, still in the dark, we waited for the sunrise contemplating a wonderful landscape full of beautiful colors. I have no words to describe how beautiful the landscape looked when the sunrise started, the colors were changing at each moment in any direction, it was something exciting, incredible! Definitely I will come back again!

Tough hike for a hot day! Very few switchbacks, almost straight up! Great views of the city below all the way up however. Well used by a lot of people of all ages, even on the Wednesday afternoon that I went. Beautiful blooming cactus and a friendly raccoon that met me up top!

Love it

Amazing views of Cabo!

on Malinche

1 month ago

Nice altitude climb. Relatively easy compared to the other volcanoes

on Iztaccihuatl

1 month ago

Great training grounds for high altitude. Go with someone that knows the way. Easy to get lost if you come down too late.

1 month ago

Climbed both the north and the south face! Spend the night at the refuges. Need plenty of planning and at least a couole days. Summit attempts need to get started during the night.

Awesome place to hike, although trails are not marked!

1 month ago

It’s scary AF but I managed to finished it.the wind blows decent enough throw you off the cliff. So be careful at midpoint for that. There’s a song about el cerro del centinela. Listen to it first before hiking the ancient guardian!

It was my first hike ever. The view from up there it’s definitely worth it. Although I must admit that I didn’t fully complete it as my group decided to only go as far as the vacant Cableway.

1 month ago

Hard to hike all the way up if you are a starter but great exercise and practice for high altitude. I recommend to camp on-site because the city is not that near and also the hike to the top takes many hours. Great experience and definitely go there with a guide if you have never been there.
Bring good and enough equipment (warm clothes, hiking boots, and lots of water and some snacks). The best time of the day to start climbing is at 12 or 1am because it’s cold and there is no sunlight (which burns you really bad if you are not cautious because of the altitude, reflection and dry air).

Make your way to Boca de Tomatlan and head straight down to the water. Turn left and walk upstream for 50-100 meters and you'll see a bridge across the river. That's where the trail starts. Cross the bridge and turn right. For the first half kilometer or so the trail winds amongst homes perched on the steep slope. It's easy to take a wrong turn onto a path leading to one of the homes but you won't be off trail for long. The trail hugs the coast so it's ocean views all the way. There are some gorgeous isolated beaches along the way as well. When in doubt just keep walking parallel to the ocean and you should be good. There are several places to stop along the way for a beer or snack. Once you reach Quimixto the trail winds amongst homes of the local inhabitants. Tons of colour here. Turn inland (left at the junction), cross the river bed and you'll hit a narrow road that leads to the trail again. Locals are super friendly, Just ask for 'cascade'. It's about 20 minutes from Quimixto. There's a restaurant at the waterfall so take your swimming suit for a cooling dip. It's fairly easy to grab a water taxi at Quimixto to get you back to Boca if you don't want to walk back.

During the rainy season (July to October) I suspect this trail would be quite muddy but the falls would be great. November/December would be good months to hike this trail as the waterfall will be flush and there will be lots of canopy to keep you cooler on the trail. Towards the end of the dry season (April/May) most of the canopy is gone so you need sun screen.

1 month ago

I visited "El Pico" several times. Great place to visit. Need good planning.

trail running
2 months ago

Map is accurate and so are directions.Beautiful views, you can take this trail in to town too at the connection point (there are placards at the top near benches).
Impossible to get lost.
Great run!

Me and two friends did this trail in September 2016, it is an amazing place, very nice views full of plants and beautiful flowers, and the lagoons, fantastic! Although it was with fog we enjoyed a lot, we could contemplate the wonderful landscape. This is a very nice trail, next time we hope to go to the top of El Fraile.

Go with a guide. Strenuous but worth every second. 10:45h out and back.

2 months ago

Its a great trainning run because of the high altitud and the scenes are beauriful. I strongly recommend if its your first, to go with a group or partner. There’s parking in the nearby houses.

A great hike up and over the coastal hills down to the walls of the old port used to ship out sugar. The walls in the Port itself were built in the late 1800's. At one time there were 8 sugar mills loading their product here and sending it out to sea. They lasted until the area ran out of water in the 1950's. Hurricanes have ravaged the road but it is still hikable but a rocky scramble in some areas. Glad I finally got down and walked the ancient walls next to the beautiful little protected bay they were built in.

Parked at the marina and walked part of it to the trail. Very nice views. Took along a dead phone....no track, no pics. Not my usual...

Drove across Baja to visit a friend and do these trails with a dead phone... Great trail system for down here...

2 months ago

Dead phone.... no track, no pics. Nice trail system for Baja.

2 months ago

hard and rocky.
beautiful views

Walking on this trail and contemplate the beauty of the river and the landscape, was an unforgettable experience. I did not believe that this beautiful place existed, beautiful waterfalls, natural pools to swim and a landscape that will leave you with the mouth open. I definitely come back again soon.

3 months ago

I did this beautiful trail in the second week of March, although it was a bit of fog, I could enjoy the nice views of the wonderful landscape. An inhabitant of the town of La Silleta with a lot of experience walking on this mountain accompanied us on the trip. Almost at the top, the rocks are too steep and you have to climb them, but it was a nice experience that I will never forget.

Beautiful beach to walk on with a little lagoon as well. There are some B&Bs on the other side of the lagoon. On the little road down you can stop and see Kaia about a horse ride on the beach as well. This one is a little bittersweet for me. I got wrapped up in a wave fishing about 10 yrs ago and it took them 6 1/2 hours stateside to put my leg and knee back together. Came very close to losing it. Beautiful baja day today...

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