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    Member Since January 2018

    Zuzana Spencer Pro-red@3x

    Bishop, California 

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    Zuzana Spencer reviewed Cascade Falls Trail

    11 days ago

    Beautiful quick hike, challenging with some rocks and fallen tree to cross over. All of this makes it super fun. Highly recommend for a short walk and explore the area

    Zuzana Spencer completed Cascade Falls Trail

    11 days ago

    Zuzana Spencer reviewed Ewoldsen Trail [CLOSED]

    11 days ago

    Hiked even when it was closed. Beautiful redwoods at the bottom and overgrown grass when you get higher. Lots of TICKS, we already found 25 on our dog. All the way at the top we had to turn around as there was a fallen tree and we couldn’t complete the loop. Hope they fix it soon, this is my favorite hike

    Zuzana Spencer saved Eagle Falls

    16 days ago

    Zuzana Spencer saved Pfeiffer Beach

    16 days ago