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    Zhuoxian Deng Pro-red@3x

    St. Louis, Missouri 

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    Zhuoxian Deng reviewed Temescal Canyon Will Rogers Loop Trail

    16 days ago

    It’s too intense. Only one spot for you to take a rest. It’s way too exposed to the sun:( I didn’t bring enough water, please remember water if you are planning to do it. I think my umbrella save my life. The first intention to bring it is to protect myself from danger. I think the view is okay, if you only want to see the Pacific Ocean and some mountain, it’s really unnecessary to do this long trail. I was not very enjoying it as the first half made me feel like I cannot finish it before dark... If you want to just work out, maybe this is good for you. But views are just okay:( And way too much annoying bugs and sun shine. I don’t think I will ever do it again, personally.