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    Zak Endicott reviewed Kendall Katwalk Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Nice sunny views of red mountain, and guye peak. the snow definitely added much beauty.

    I started early, around 9. trail was icy and boot packed snow. quite slippery at times. muddy and slushy in the warm afternoon.

    it is a beautiful trail but it also felt kind of long, and features mostly the same views until the very end when you crest the ridge and get to see the other side, near the katwalk.

    not exactly exciting since the trail is quite wide and heavily trafficked, but it is surely a beautiful spot in the Snoqualmie hood... way prettier than your usual i90 hikes and not as grueling either.

    Zak Endicott completed Kendall Katwalk Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Zak Endicott reviewed Vesper Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    beautiful country! difficult navigation! not all cairns indicate the way to vesper, or to the TH.... the rock fields tripped us up bad. the actual trail is so faint and over grown... I've got scrapes along my arms and legs from bush whacking.

    To my thorough entertainment every time we figured out how we had taken a wrong turn, we then always found the very obvious correct route, ha!

    on the bright side I know where not to walk next round :D

    Zak Endicott completed Vesper Peak Trail

    3 months ago

    Zak Endicott reviewed Hidden Lake Lookout Trail

    4 months ago

    great trail! this is the real deal. do not underestimate the specs, it is a long drive and long hike.

    beautiful and interesting the whole trail pretty much

    The road is terrible! especially on weekends. the road is the biggest challenge to making this happen.

    Zak Endicott completed Mount Dickerman Trail

    4 months ago

    Zak Endicott reviewed Putrid Pete's Peak Trail

    4 months ago

    trail is beautiful and I personally found it very easy to follow without needing to reference my map. be careful. Even in the forest the terrain is very steep and trail narrow. it goes virtually straight up.

    besides the amazing rewards at the top, this hike features quite a long scramble. I feel like half of this hike is done bear crawling. No exaggeration I'm very fit and able.

    I never felt like the hike was too technical or extreme, but it gets super steep and stays that way pretty much the whole way up. exposure enough imo.

    I chose to huff and puff my way up, and avoid looking down better to just get it over with.

    I made this a loop hike. I traversed the knife ridge and summited defiance. This stretch to defiance is easier to lose but I eventually caught the defiance - lake loop just west of the defiance spur, to find myself in a glorious field of flowers there was pollen on my shoulders frm overgrown gardens. then I enjoyed a long walk back to the th. there are continuous fields of flowers, much of the way wow! some more rare ones too here or there.

    Zak Endicott completed Putrid Pete's Peak Trail

    4 months ago

    Zak Endicott added wish list

    4 months ago