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    Trek Goodtrails reviewed Zion Narrows Trail to Upsilon Temple

    8 months ago

    From trailhead to where Orderville Canyon joins the Virgin River is about 4 miles, 1 mile is along the Riverside Walk, then 3 miles in the water, making it an 8 mile "out and back" hike.

    A great hike. It's busy, you will seldom if ever be alone in the Narrows - but it's a straight-up fun hike. There's almost no elevation gain but this is no "walk in the park". You're walking through water which is a little strenuous and most of us, after a mile or two, will notice a few muscles complaining that don't usually complain, like the hip flexors for example.

    Also you are mostly walking on smooth stones of varying sizes which are harder to see when underwater. Even when you're walking on the river banks, its mostly stones and rocks to walk on or around. So you're secure footing is a constant challenge with every step. Any one step isn't especially difficult, but there's are a lot of steps in 6 miles so you do have to pay attention. It makes it fun actually. We've all crossed streams and small rivers on hikes, this is like a 6 mile wide shallow river crossing.

    Early October was a still great time of year for the Narrows. We rented the wet gear. You can get it the night before for no extra charge. Probably the neoprene socks and water shoes are most important. The water was 43 degrees but hikers in shorts seemed to be just fine. You'll want a walking stick or trekking poles for sure. I think the stick is somewhat more advantageous and more fun to use for this particular hike.

    There are restrooms at the trailhead, but really nowhere else along the river bank that is accessible and private.

    Great hike. One you'll always remember.