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    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Gross Reservoir

    7 days ago

    Went down just the mile trail to the reservoir due to a lot of dirt bikes being on main trail.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Sourdough Trail to South St. Vrain Trail Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Took this trail all the way down to lost lake, then back up, taking a right on Waldrop to take us back to the Brainard entrance parking.

    Very pretty bike, I would suggest making sure you get as far as the meadow that opens up onto a beautiful view of Mt Navajo peak and the continental divide.

    Lost lake was beautiful, but I avoided taking the back paths to avoid the crowds on this busy Sunday.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner saved Roaring Creek

    about 1 month ago

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Mount Bierstadt Trail

    3 months ago

    Arrived at 6:55 6.12.18 still quite a few parking spaces.
    We have been training an average of one trail a week for this hike since March and that made this 14er almost easy.
    Stunning views, versatile environment.
    Summited at 11:00am.
    Was back down buy 3pm

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Chicago Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Did this trail 6.10.18.
    Was a stunning day. Gorgeous hike, strenuous as you hike up to upper lake.
    Will kick your butt right at the end as you have to go back uphill the echo lake.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Grizzly Peak and Cupid Peak via Mount Sniktau Trail and Loveland Pass

    4 months ago

    Spactecular views, but very intense ups and downs. We started at the trailhead at 9:15am and a Tuesday. Traffic held us up, we were hoping to start at 8am. We ended up getting off the mountain at 2:45pm.
    This event put us back a bit, and unfortunately we were unable to Summit Grizzly.
    We did however Summit Cupid, and it was just jaw-dropping.
    Careful on the way down from Cupid towards Grizzly,
    The path is misleading and covered in snow, and there are a lot of only steep ways down.
    Wind was always there. But it wasn’t a bother.
    We used yak traks closer to the top.

    Bottom line: be prepared for this one if you plan to go far,
    But the physical tone and views make it the perfect payoff.

    Will be back for Grizzly.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Bear Lake to Alberta Falls to Mills Lake

    5 months ago

    Actually started at glacier gorge trailhead, making the whole trip 5miles versus 5.4.
    Beautiful hike but right now I would highly recommend yak tracks or poles. We had both and were grateful for them.
    Snow was packed on the trail in most places, very narrow path, you could see where peoples legs had fallen through the snow. Some parts were very slushy. A lot of little misleading trails to know where closer to the top.
    Saw some people snow showing near the top.
    Absolutely stunning views. The lake was mostly frozen but just enough of it was melted that the reflection of the towering bowl above lake mills was reflecting on the water.
    I will defiantly be taken this trail all the way up to sky pond later in the season.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Hessie Trail

    5 months ago

    Wonderful trail, went up to lost lake. It was very snowy but well packed. Had to like in a bit from the main road.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner completed Hessie Trail

    5 months ago

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Lost Lake via Hessie Trail

    5 months ago

    Brought poles and yak tracks, were very grateful to have them.

    Amazing views, great trek. Lake today was frozen, the snow was piled high but the trail itself was packed in most areas.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Blue Lake and Little Blue Lake Via Mitchell Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Really wanted to do this trail but the road all the way up (st Bernard lake trail) is closed due to construction tell late June.
    Trailhead 4 miles away from road closer.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Susan G. Bretag Trail and Palmer Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Hardly a hike but of course beautiful. Crowded due to tourism but what can you do, it’s quite the sight to see.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Mountain Lion Trail

    5 months ago

    Wonderful challenging trail. Would like to come back and backpack sometime.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Rim Rock Trail to Creek Trail Loop

    5 months ago

    Absolutley one of my favorite trails to frequent, beautiful place fore lunch amount the rocks in the river.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Forgotten Valley

    5 months ago

    Went Sunday 15th of April.

    Not sure why trail marked is called forgotten valley. It does through forgotten valley (Trail is called burro trail.) but take you up to windy peak.

    We took this way coming down, but went to the right on the first fork, taking us up mountain lion, the trek up was beautiful and challenging, the way down (through forgotten valley) was rewarding.

    I suggest taking this loop, because going up on the forgotten valley side to windy peaks gets pretty steep near the end.

    Whole loop for us was 5.9 miles. Beautiful views. Ate lunch at the top of windy peak was gorgeous. Will be coming back to backpack this summer.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Mallory Cave

    6 months ago

    Lots of kids on this trail. Starts a ncarr, not to challenging, lots of uphill at the end, to see the cave have to climb up some rocks.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Apex Park Enchanted Forest Trail

    6 months ago

    Great longer hike. We went on a cooler day which was a blessing seeing as there wasn’t much shade further east on the trail. The wind kept us nice and cool, and the elevation gain was slow but challenging.

    Go on this hike in cooler days for sure if you have a tendency to get to hot.

    We went on a odd day, which allows but biker traffic both ways down the trail. It got a little congested at times, and sometimes was a little annoying stopping every 5-20 min to allow bikers to pass.

    However, the scenery was beautiful and relaxing.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner completed Mallory Cave

    6 months ago

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed Rim Rock Trail to Creek Trail Loop

    6 months ago

    One of my favorite trails! Versatile fun and a great place for lunch.

    Xandra Prestia-Turner reviewed East Canyon Preservation Trail

    6 months ago

    One of my favorite trails to frequent. Versatile, fun, and a bit challenging and a great place to just hang out and have lunch!