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    Will Long

    Vail, Colorado 

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    Will Long reviewed Mount of the Holy Cross Trail

    13 days ago

    Pretty challenging trail for my first-ever fourteener... starts with a quick ascent for about 1.5 mi and then a descent for about 1.5 mi (which is pretty demoralizing on the way back). Following the descent is about a 3 mi hike up to the summit. Started at the trailhead at 5am and summited at around 10am.

    Weather was clear during my hike and the trails were well kept. Gets tough with about a mile left to the summit where scrambling is involved. Lots of talk on here about the river crossing but I found it to be relatively quick and easy — helps that the log and surrounding rocks were dry.

    Views are gorgeous at the top. I wish I could include some of the pictures I took, but it’s best you see them for yourself. Beautiful and challenging hike that took my conditioning by surprise but the scenery and sense of accomplishment were well worth it.