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    Member Since March 2019

    Wendy Reynolds Pro-red@3x

    Margate, Kent, England 

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    Wendy Reynolds reviewed West Elham Walk

    1 day ago

    Spectacular views across the valley of Elham - however with a valley also comes hills!! Some very steep inclines on this trail so be prepared!

    Wendy Reynolds completed West Elham Walk

    2 days ago

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed Ramsgate to Broadstairs Circular Walk

    2 days ago

    Nice easy walk from Ramsgate harbour to Broadstairs harbour with glorious sea views all the way.
    Steps from the prom in Ramsgate to the cliff top provide a bit of a cardio work out, as does the slope at Dumpton Gap if you choose to walk along the promenade from Broadstairs harbour - this is very steep (if you we looking to avoid this just come back along the cliff top)
    Refreshments along the way.

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed Grove Ferry and Kent's Orchards Circular Walk

    7 days ago

    Lovely walk that starts and finishes along the riverbank, then across farmland and through quaint villages.
    In the village of Stourmouth there is an historic church which is definitely worth spending some time to go in and sign the visitors book.
    The only things that marred the walk was a couple of paths were a little overgrown - and the dog walkers that had taken the time to bag their dogs waste but couldn’t be bothered to take it with them!! Not very nice to see lots of little black bags littering the path alongside the river!
    The Grove Ferry Inn is a welcome sight at the end of the walk to grab some lunch and a cool drink.

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed King's Wood Circular Walk

    16 days ago

    If you enjoy woodland walks this trail is a must! Nice easy trail apart from the narrow path to / from the car park - this was overgrown with brambles, although not so bad that it was impassible.
    The woodland is breathtaking with many spices of trees interspersed with ferns and wild flowers.
    Plenty of wildlife - butterflies, squirrels, rabbits and we were lucky enough to have a family of 7 / 8 deer cross our path! Feeling privileged!

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed Clowes Wood Loop

    17 days ago

    We have been to Clowes Wood many times but had only walked the main gravel path and enjoyed it so thought we would see where AllTrails would take us.
    The trail starts off an the main gravel path and then quickly moves down a a small footpath that was very pretty with rabbits, wildflowers and birdsong - the trail then goes through some farmland which was all fine. The problems started when the trail turns back on itself - the path was overgrown with brambles and nettles - options were to turn back or battle our way through. We battled through - stings, scratches bites and extremely slow progress - we were finally forced to cross a hedgerow and walk through arable field. After this the trail completely disappeared as we were faced with a field of wheat! Options... walk all the way round the outside of the field or straight through the middle!
    I would not recommend this trail because ... most of it is no longer there - and it is definitely NOT easy!

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed Ramsgate Harbour and Marina Esplanade

    23 days ago

    Great easy walk with gentle steps to and from the beach.
    Wonderful sea views across golden sandy beaches - with the historic Royal Harbour home to many working and leisure craft.
    Lots of places to sit and enjoy the view and many pubs and cafes too!

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed Fordwich Village - Easy Access Trail

    29 days ago

    Great little walk starting off in The village of Fordwich though open fields that leads to a woodland path - lots of birding and wildflowers all the way up to the reed pond - great trail.

    Wendy Reynolds followed Rachel Gander

    29 days ago

    Wendy Reynolds reviewed Wye and the North Downs Circular Walk

    30 days ago

    Undoubtedly the very best views of the Kent countryside - even on an overcast day!
    Stunning views, plenty of birdsong and lots of beautiful wildflowers - and some surprises along the way!
    Steep start and finish will get your heart pumping - but lovely stop midway for lunch in Wye Coffee and Kitchen!
    Would really recommend this trail.